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Queensland Raceway 1

By: Hugh jarse
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 08-Mar-07
Current release: 1, on 08-Mar-07

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Screenie by: SZaucy
Screenie by: SZaucy
Screenie by:  Prozac32
Screenie by: Prozac32
Screenie by: Toto87
Screenie by: Toto87
Screenie by: Hugh Jarse
Screenie by: Hugh Jarse
Screenie by: Hugh Jarse
Screenie by: Hugh Jarse

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Queensland International Raceway is situated about 40kms sth west of Brisbane, Australia. It is the site and venue of the Queensland 500 race with the Australian V8 Supercars. This track was originally made for SCGT. Many thanks go to Roe 'matt_atknsn' Tengco & Simon 'swilki' Wilkins for permissions to convert and release for Rfactor.

This is the official version of this great track. The textures have been revamped and many parts of the track have been adjusted to create a more realistic drive. This track can fianally be release with the permission of the original authors. Many thanks to Hugh Jarse for his excellent work.

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hello there,

1st thing is that you might have your settings turned down, so go to the settings in rfactor and make sure you get the right balance of performance and quality, this would depend on how good your pc is. secondly, in rfactor config, if you have it on dx7, its going to have less quality than dx9, but if you have a low end pc, then this means low performance.

hope this helps

xPR073C7x70Mx on Apr-06-2012

Im new to rfactor.
I have had lots of trouble installing tracks.
One thing I have noticed is that the tracks look nothing like the the pictues on this page or like the videos people put up on youtube.
Am I doing something or not doing something that I should be.
Can some please help?
babakesky on Jun-22-2011

On the opening page of the track it says its a conversion not scratch built from SCGT which was the older ISI game.
FlashQld on Jun-03-2011

The track is made from scratch (not converted/from a game), a collaboration between RTengco and SWilkins
(yeah I know it's been quite a while since the last post XD)
matt_atknsn on Jul-01-2010

Does anyone know the origin of this track, ie is it from a game or scratch made?

I am looking at doing a scratch made version like my Lakeside.

Can I get permission to upgrade it???
Mikec87 on Feb-14-2010

Does anyone know how we can contact the modder for this track?
We would like permission to convert it to GTR Evolution. I have tried many many times to contact, but to no result.

If we can't raise him/them we will go ahead with the conversion and give them COMPLETE and FULL credit for the source material.
Shagger on Jan-26-2010

hugh jarse.... hahah priceless
iamsa8 on Nov-23-2009

Is there a fix for the pace car?
muzarati on Sep-07-2009

On track days, at least ay my level, we are not allowed to use the full circuit, and I do my lapping on the "Sprint" and "Clubman" circuits.

Hugh - since you already have the relevant road sections in there, just lined off with witches hats, would it be a lot of work to give us the option of all 3 circuit configurations?

Fynsie on Sep-13-2008

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