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Quinn Racing Park 2.13

By: Kristoffer Tonheim
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 15-Sep-08
Current release: 2.130, on 24-Oct-08

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Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim
Screenie by: Tonheim

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Quinn Racing Park v.2.13

Minor AIW update.

Quinn Racing Park v.2.12

Fixed ROAD_ADD loading error when using DX7.
Also updated the loading-screens this time. :-p

Quinn Racing Park v.2.1

Spider916 has fixed the lap-counting error for the F1 track, and has made the pit-lights brighter, so they are more easy to see.

I have fixed the rmbl-DX8-problem, and the patches of dark-matter.
Also the guardrail into the pitlane has been straighten a bit.

Quinn Racing Park v.2.0

This is a fantasy track I started creating over 2 years ago, and it has had work done on and off since then. And now it is ready for the public.

The track have 2 layouts, one GT-layout wich is twisty, slow and technical, and a F1-layout that omitts the slower GT-sections with some longer straights.

But still both layouts are on the technical side, and include quite some elevation changes.

Check out the pictures if you want more than 1.000 words of description.

Big thanks goes to Johnny Brusevold, Cammel and Slider916 for their work on AIW-files and other fixes.

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WWWEWW on Jun-01-2018

Kristoffer hello again, this is JimmyF.

Thank you for the reply and the permission to upload, and, better late than ever!
Of course, by the time you replied, was long gone, and I
had quit "racing". I started again fixing or improving F1C .AIWs (and tracks, in
general) early in 2015.

IF you ever see this, you are welcome to visit this thread:

in which I have posted links for a FIXED .AIW for the long variant, and for
an IMPROVED .AIW for the short variant.

"SamAlex" did the conversion of the short variant to F1C, in... 2009?

Get the F1C track here (page 10):

And here is my work on the short variant (.AIW can be used to rFactor and any game that supports
the format):

Now, I didn't know that there was a long variant, until I saw your page, here, back in 2012.
Anyone who would like it for F1C, you can get it here:

Same thing applies, .AIW is good for rFactor and whatnot, and you will use the original .scn file.

Hope you enjoy both tracks.

JimmyF on Oct-31-2015

Hi, JimmyF

Sorry about the REALLY late reply.
After the last comment beeing made in 2010, I haven't checked in here much...

So if you get this mesasge: Great work! Do whatever you want with the track! Nothing is better than it beeing raced on.

Kristoffer Tonheim
Tonheim on Jan-11-2014

Request permission to upload the LONG variant, converted to F1C, at Racesimulations. The .AIW for the LONG variant didn't have any "Pit Position" WPs, which means = No Race, didn't have any [Grid], which also means = No Race, connections from the main track to the Pitlane and from the Pitlane to main track were awful, and I FIXED all that. Plus I added a WP_WPSE (WP_EVENT in F1C) and I removed a patch of Groove marks from the middle of the front strecth - it was meaningless there. It plays like a million bucks now, and it's way more fun than the short variant. I guess the .AIW can be used to rFactor and everything compatible, like GTR, etc. So, can I have permission to upload the converted LONG variant to Racesimulations? Thank you in advance. JF
JimmyF on Oct-15-2012

Try this...
kiro54 on Dec-30-2010

the version 2.13 link is dead!!!!
f1freakrotterdam on Nov-30-2009

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