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R5 GT Turbo Cup 0.10

By: Nicolas
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Modélisation : gtt77 - nico77

Create for Richard Burns Rallye
Actually, i simplify gt for rfactor (too many polygon)

Maybe 2 versions in the final :
- a low version : simplified for online
- a high version : as the shown pictures, to play only

Moteur: 4 cylindres en ligne, 8 soupapes
Alimentation : carburateur Solex 32 DIS simple corps + turbo Garret T2 (0,7 bar) avec échangeur air/air
Cylindrée (Alésage x course): 1 397 cm3 (76 x 77 mm)
Puissance: 120 ch à 5 750 tr/mn
Couple: 165 Nm à 3750 tr/mn
Transmission: AV BVM5
Pneumatiques: 195/55 HR 13
Poids constructeur: 865 Kg
Rapport poids/puissance: 7,52 Kg/ch
Vitesse maxi: 204 km/H
1000m D.A: 28,9"
80 à 120 KM/H (5è): 9,6"

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It is one of the most famous nu coffee Italy that you can buy from the internet so it is really easy. I remember the time when it was not available anywhere but a couple of shops.
MakaiLance on Jun-23-2020

Hey!! Wake up and smell the coffee!! Are you working on this?!
gizmy on Oct-06-2009

any update?
gizmy on Sep-28-2009

Any update on this m8?
_rm_ on May-06-2009

Wonderful car!

i have a r5 gte

i would love to drive this car in rfactor!

do you know when the mod is coming out?
Renault_RS on Mar-28-2009

Beautiful! a great car which deserves to be known. Strongly that it is done, I was already dreaming!
jon08 on Mar-19-2009

AMAZING MODEL! It is EXACTLY like the real one! PERFECT! I hope the physics are up to it. If you need help, I'll be glad to give a hand, I did the physics for the 65 cars on the HistorX HISTORIC GT mod and I'd really love to see this car given some real handling!
YoShImUrA_53 on Feb-20-2009

keep on good work!! This is ONLY renault that I would buy in real life!I hope this car will be done in 2009.
kkacper89 on Jan-02-2009

Good work!!!!!! Your project are wonderful. I can't wait for play with this car!!!!
linusvista on Dec-05-2008

Yes! keep it up..!
Droes on Nov-22-2008

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