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RF Telstra Sydney 500 1

By: RaceFactor Modding Team and Frosty 888
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 10-Dec-11
Current release: 1, on 11-Dec-11

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Screenie by: Frosty 888
Screenie by: Frosty 888

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RaceFactor Modding Team's RF Telstra Sydney 500
created by Frosty 888.

Over the past 12 months the team have worked on getting the track to where it is hope u all enjoy it as i had fun making it.

The version of this Track will SUIT ALL MODS and also created with photos taken by Frosty 888 and also Race video's online.

The Track layout is 2011 version 1.00 also it has the sponsors from this years race. The track its self has some 3D models and in time for rfactor 2. The shadows on the circuit have been turned of as i have not done them yet.

Would like to thank all the members at racefactor who took part over the past year on testing the track n also would like to thank Drathuu for his work on the track. For the guys who did the test drives on track would like to thank them for there input Coops ,Mad94d GrimmReaper n all the members who took part in testing of the track and also a big thanks to Pudlea for the last part of the puzzle cheers and big thanks to all who got involved.
the Tracks models where made by members of Racefactor Modding team and also what was provided by Racedepartment site in xpacks and Anz Staduim was Google 3D Warehouse and worked and fixed by Frosty 888.

Guys who worked on the track.

Frosty 888 - Build the track and some buildings in track using Google sketch up
Hypnotec - on the train station and light tower Models using Google sketch up
Drathuu - Grandstands pit complex using Google sketch up
Pudlea - Build the self extract part
Coops - Beta Driver
GrimmReaper - Beta Driver


Also this track will be Converted in Rfactor 2 when it gets Released and also keep ya eyes out for a mod coming out From the Racefactor Modding Team For Rfactor 2. So to get the new and info about the mod head to the website. Racefactor V8 Series is Heading to the Enduro s want to be part of it Go to or add us at RaceFactor FaceBook Group.

Feedback is welcome and hope to see what u all think even if its positive or negative.

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Does anyone else get this error message, "Error opening MAS file SKY.MAS"? Some help on this would be great please
jchak on Jan-23-2012

Most wrong criticism I see made of tracks is by people who don't understand FOV and think that a track is too wide and flat when, in actually, it IS accurate, however, they still want it to be realistic even if they don't understand it the way computer graphics work.

spot on with that statement.
ozziecoops on Dec-31-2011

Cheers dale on your coments and many others and would like to say have a great holidays and be safe and c u all in 2012 wich will be a big year for Sim Racers.
ozwog on Dec-25-2011

"the conclusion we came up with is ppl criticize if too real and"

Cool, but I've never heard of anyone criticizing a track for being too real or accurate. Unless perhaps they are mistaking accuracy for something else. (Well not racing sim fans anyway.) Most wrong criticism I see made of tracks is by people who don't understand FOV and think that a track is too wide and flat when, in actually, it IS accurate, however, they still want it to be realistic even if they don't understand it the way computer graphics work.

I find accuracy in short supply with most tracks even from pros. They may get the layout correct but buildings are in wrong spots, trees that don't exist on the real track, no accurate track-side safety vehicles and such, no accurate track marshal outfits, no accurate adverts and signage, odd proportions of things... Imagine of that much artistic license was taken with the vehicles... graphic designers adding extra tail-lights and changing the basic shape of the car... I guess it's familiarity and the designers know they can get away with changing things people aren't familiar with.... but once you are familiar with it then it's disappointing and irritating.... some pros don't even seem to try at all... it's like they look at a "few" pics for reference and slap something together then gloss it over with cool shaders and eye-candy so you don't notice how fake it actually is... then the naive gamers with fat wallets OOO!!! and AHHH!!! about it so the studio and publisher get paid lots of money and walk away from the project to go enjoy spending their cash, and we sim-lovers are left having to clean up the mess (then they chide us for doing it and implement always on internet connection schemes to punish us). Oh well...

...But I am Looking forward to trying this. Thanks.
dale223223 on Dec-16-2011

This turned out great. Awesome job frosty. Was hell fun testing and seeing it transform into the final product. It's an absolute blast ripping around here !!! Can't wait for it in the next series
Grimm Reaper on Dec-11-2011
ozwog on Dec-11-2011

cheers guys and thanks flash n hope to put up some pics of real life track so u all can c the diffrences.
ozwog on Dec-11-2011

Congrats on the track Frosty - good work. Good luck with the rF2 projects and the Racefactor project you mentioned.
FlashQld on Dec-11-2011

Originally posted by: ozziecoops

i agree dbens1 when testing we did talk about this and the conclusion we came up with is ppl criticize if too real and some if not enough. so we went for the middle. My opinion for rf2 we do it as "REAL" as possible and you race it or you dont. As with all the new features of RF2 everything should be made as real as possible i think. PS wud love to b rich to laser scan roflmfao

Yeah I know what you mean What is important is getting it out there and people can use it or leave it (always been our opinion) Dont know how it would be possible to laser scan a temporary track But would be a fun experiment.
dbens1 on Dec-11-2011

Alternative download link from Media Fire :-
Pudlea on Dec-11-2011

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