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RFR: 20 Years of Rally 0

By: Rally Enthusiasts
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Juan G
Screenie by: Juan G
Screenie by: Juan G
Screenie by: Juan G
Screenie by: Juan G
Screenie by: Juan G
Screenie by: Juan G
Screenie by: Juan G
Screenie by: eddy3spain
Screenie by: eddy3spain

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RFactor Rally mod will include the most important rally cars since the GrB category dissapeared; this means cars from 1987 on.
It will include all the WRC of the latests years, and a lot of older WRC, GrA, GrN, s1600, the new s2000, and maybe lower categories.
We are also working on new rally stages.
The main team members are Ingy, JuanG and me. The mod team name is Rally Enthusiast.
We are going to do our best to make a good quality mod.
It will be a lot of work, so don't expect a release soon.

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Latest RFR: 20 Years of Rally Comments

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Perhaps there are people with excellent moding skills that could volunteer to complete this mod with oversight and cooperation with the original development teams vision and direction??? May be the only way to finish it. The problem is they are overwhelmed with real life....that happens.. Shame to loose a mod with such potential as this one...
MikeVictor on Oct-02-2011

I would also be very interested if you could release the mod as it is right now. If you like you could also release the sources in open source spirit so that someone else could continue your work, as at least the old videos show that you were quite far with the mod already.
adamsquest on Jan-13-2011

Is there any chance that you may release what you have of the mod completed? That Subaru looks completely unparalleled in both physics and sounds to other mods.
t4nsh1n on Jul-16-2010

Dissapointment, kinda yes, we started to doin it but since i and most of spend our time with work, me usually minimum 16 hrs per day mostly weekends also and still eating empty rice for dinner. U know those kind words running thru my mind. Only have time for small physics things even tho i really like to do it but real life sadly overwrites everything.
Ingy on Dec-13-2009

Originally posted by: jabe75

this mod is dead.

Hello, this mod is dead ??? You sure ???

Thanks for a confirmation please.


Sorry my english is very bad, i'm french ...
psykoside on May-01-2009

this mod is dead.
jabe75 on Apr-24-2009

This mod will be one of the top 5 mods for rfactor.
Great cars and great sound for the impreza.
Keep up the good work guyzzzzzzz!!!!!
dkssprs on Apr-24-2009

This mod will _NEVER_ be finished. I've been watching it personally for well over a year and the progress hasnt budged. What a huge disappointment.
chrisjarram on Feb-03-2009

This mod seems promising, i've always wanted a Rally Mod for rFactor with the WRC cars. Especially the ones from the 90's, the old 22B Imprezza, and the others, like the ones from V-Rally 2. Keep up the good work guys!
Wittrock1991 on Feb-01-2009

cmon you cant stop now its awesome mod!
Fastkid on Jan-30-2009

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