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RMi Mustang GT 1

By: RMi
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 03-Sep-08
Current release: 1, on 03-Sep-08

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Screenie by: tedshot
Screenie by: tedshot
Screenie by: tedshot
Screenie by: tedshot
Screenie by: valkyrie
Screenie by: valkyrie
Screenie by: valkyrie
Screenie by: valkyrie
Screenie by: tedshot
Screenie by: tedshot

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RMi presents the Mustang GT, Converted by "LifeRS" for rFactor

With permission from "Scott (Tigger) Stockton" we are pleased to present this fine model to the people of rFactor Central. Rescued from a near death this mod features 4 car classes complete with RMi's own TrueSpec physics. Look for the GT350 to deliver the most realistic driving experience ever in rFactor ( no joke, its amazing, its sweet ). The GT500 and full race FIA classes will feature upgrades like the famous 500+ supercharger and uprated suspensions and gearboxes to name a few.

Bonus Maaco Medusa 'Stang and the GTR Concept 'Stang are included with this final release


-Scott 'Tigger' Stockton for awesome 3D model
-DucFreak for his "orgasmic" sounds borrowed from the GT40 and GT350 Legends soundpacks
-Goresh for Cockpit / Animations / Misc
-R. Stratton for 3d modelling / editing
-M.Wood for concept and main conversion
-[SSR]Angus for Race Skins
-GT-Saleen skins: Suesman for "Garmin", Gazman for "Alitalia", Toya for "Rothmans", AntMAn12 for "HKS",
-GT-Saleen skins: Mallyauto86 for "Target" & "Falken", Bathman06 for "RedBull", Thunder-Ice for "Marlboro Classics"

Please see the readme's included for more info.
Suggest FFB 2x and RealFeel 50%

D. Werner - RMi

Saleen HDC fix

Version 2.0 comming soon!

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Hi after all this years. I've converted the saleen mustang to rf2.. Would it be a problem if I upload it to the steam workshop for everyone to enjoy?
castagninojuan on Jul-21-2017

Sorry for the double post, It didnt look like the first one
64rml on Feb-12-2012

Are you still working on V2.0? Or waiting for rfactor2?
64rml on Feb-12-2012

Just wondering if you are still working on V2.0, or are you waiting for rfactor2?
64rml on Feb-12-2012

I really love the Saleen and the GTR, they are two of the best handling "touring cars" to punt around Bathurst. couple of questions tho, why is there no damage graphics for the Saleen? There is for the GTR, but it is rather limited as well. You can run head on into a concrete wall and nothing falls off lol Will there be better damage graphics for V2? And how about some analogue instruments for the saleen, and more for the GTR? ie fuel qty, water temp, engine oil temp and oil pressure, gearbox oil temp and diff oil temp for the Saleen and oil temp and oil pressure for the GTR?

For a great Saleen experience around Bathurst change the tyre reference in the HDC to the GTR tyre and the engine.ini max rpm out to 8000, its a beast! I can crack 1.59s!
Jim.diGris on Nov-25-2011

Version 2.0 in works. Template link added.
morning_wood on Mar-13-2011

The fix have a single problem.

line = " TireBrand=HW_Tires_lvl4 "

in v0.98 is TireBrand=Dunlop_GT

change in v0.99 TireBrand=HW_Tires_lvl4 in TireBrand=Dunlop_GT and you can play with saleen!
Dom.Toretto on Jan-11-2011

With all due respect for your work and the concept of modding, this is a mediocre creation. The cockpit looks like it's from Stunt Cars. Overall it's nowhere near the finish quality of the Supra mod, for example. And that one was made by ONE person in comparison.
ionut on Oct-29-2010

Mustangs are super! Thanks.
limadelta235 on Aug-08-2010

This MOD is a blast! Thank you. I usually run out of gas because I'm having so much fun driving this car. Are there any templates available for the 350?
Parrotman on Jul-22-2010

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RMi Mustang GT