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RTL GP TV Mod 0.95

By: Hvanpelt and DMM Team

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: hvanpelt
Screenie by: hvanpelt

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New SKIN For the F1 TV Style By Italian Factory

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haha no, sorry but our modding team has putten its priorities on the ETC mod.
I'm gonna make the new logo for ya guys out there as quickly as possible
hvanpelt on Oct-01-2010

how long is it gonna take? fixing the prob wont take a year right?
jasperg19 on Sep-20-2010

Release will be soon, had some probs with the mod myself!
hvanpelt on May-17-2010

Cant wait, love the RTL GP TV Style, its in my WIP Watch from the beginning
Daniel221 on Apr-15-2010

when the release is?
jasperg19 on Apr-13-2010

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