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Race of Champions 2008 1

By: Com8
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 31-Jan-11
Current release: 1, on 31-Jan-11

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Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8

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- Race of Champions 2008 track for rFactor -

planned features:

- detailed Wembley stadium
- catacombs usable as garage
- nightracing atmosphere
- close side by side racing with accurate timing

15.12.2008 -

development started

9.12.2010 -

found the file on my HDD, started to work on it again!
Wembley stadium is just placeholder until proper one modeled.

18.01.2011 -

all new wembley stadium almost done!

28.01.2011 -

release this sunday!

*Com8* 2011

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wonderful as usual
bleckmes on Mar-10-2011

You can download this track here:

wojteks102 on Feb-17-2011

Absolutly Brilliant, Was There In 2008, Fun To Drive & Very Realistic! Cant Get Any Better, Just Need The Car They Used With The ROC Skin
djknowle on Feb-07-2011

Big work .. Thanks a lot!!
mirosko on Feb-04-2011

One of the best track mod ever released! Excellent job
mesa155 on Feb-03-2011

I think that no...
pablos221 on Jan-30-2011

wie auf multibc zu sehen fahren die schon heute eine competition mit der strecke...
sieht gut aus, com8 *thumbs up*
dann warten wir noch ein wenig^^
tirex[EL] on Jan-29-2011

release this sunday ?
Tonyblock on Jan-28-2011

That'll be great!!! Looks really really nice!! Grats man, i think it's gonna be a wonderful track
Alfatester on Jan-28-2011

release this sunday, 30th january - stay tuned!
Com8 on Jan-28-2011

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