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Racestart Sound French and English 1.50

By: Slobbeman

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Update 1.4 Sorry filefront have been take away the files i have missed that but i upload all again
Update 1.3 racestart sound to rFactor Brasil
Update 1.1 French English German Russia Spanish Swedish
Update 1.2 More language Danish Finnish Italy Portugese Norway
I hate the orginal startrace sound in rFactor so here is a replaced sound instead just over write
the GameData folder
The orginal start race is under this INFO FILE

Je déteste le bruit original de startrace dans le rFactor tellement voici un bruit remplacé
à la place juste au-dessus de écris le dossier de GameData que la course originale de début
est sous ce DOSSIER d'information

Attention! Start Your Engine --30 Seconds To Start!

Attention ! Démarrer votre moteur --30 Secondes avant de commencer !

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Latest Racestart Sound French and English Comments

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I can't tell the difference, bit dissapointed with the sounds... tgynecomastia
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

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nidaamber99 on May-14-2020

There's nothing wrong with the original sound. There's a recording of a track announcer asking random people to get away from the grid. That's realistic. It shouln't be replaced by a robot talking to a microphone.
modbaraban on Aug-01-2009

The languages I understand all seem to be translated by an on-line translation service and therefore sound a bit strange. I would like to suggest two things to the author:
1) try and find people who can translate the text into their language correctly;
2) add some atmospheric sounds to the background of each sample, or at least try to make it sound like this is a message coming out of a loudspeaker at the track.
marrs on Jul-31-2009

another thread full of constructive help for the creators.. prime eg... renthewog! how mature....
THEDUMMY on Jul-31-2009

ha ha great that it was translate to that i use a text to speech demo and as all now that goggle translate is not the best anything is better then the default racestart sound anyway
Slobbeman on Jul-31-2009

lol! This is an epic fail. Not just that all of the versions in defferent languages are rubbish. But also I suspect that most of them are nothing but a mess of words.

Let me translate the russian version back into english for you. The female robotic voice says something like: ATTENTION, BEGIN YOUR ENGINE OF 30 SECOND, THE ONE THAT SHOULD BEGIN.
I nearly laughed my arse off.
modbaraban on Jul-31-2009

Hmm yeah, sounds like a good addon...might actually work if there was a download link...dumbass
renthewog on May-05-2009

Hmm yeah, sounds like a good addon...might actually work if there was a download link...dumbass
renthewog on May-05-2009

There doesn't appear to be any link to download this.
Setanta on Mar-26-2009

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