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Radio Control Racing 1

By: Madcowie
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Novel
Initial release: 06-Feb-08
Current release: 1, on 06-Feb-08

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Screenie by: freshjive
Screenie by: freshjive
Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Radio Control Mod by Madcowie with help from

Matt Thompson, Matt Pesh, Jesus Jones, Pete Walsh, Mack Mechanic, Mark Zeidler and Hooty 256.

This mod will be released with 5 tracks and 2 types of car which both have the same physics. And to celebrate its release and the end of my work load we are running a 2 week competition on RFC. This will be the last game/mod from me for a while. Will do a couple of tracks but not full mods for a while. (Famous last words!!!)

Anyway I figured I would update this now as you might actually read it which didnt seem to happen in the Soapbox mod.

As for the mod. Well its going to be aimed at the enthusiast like myself who has the time and effort to learn how to race these cars. What Im trying to say is this mod is far from bloody easy. Its going to take alot of effort and patience to actually learn how to drive this mod. These cars are capable of a scaled speeds of 260 mph in a very short distance. As for hints:-

Easy on the throttle, If out of control wait until all 4 wheels are on the floor before you think about accelerating, Be smooth, Give yourself plenty of room, Get caught up on the track sides or others around you and your going to roll, fly and more than likely have a big one. I have also added a few things to hopefully help you out. These include extra weight for more stability, about 10 different types of clutches so its not such an animal when you hit full throttle, Oh by the way I play this mod using a similar gamepad to a ps2 pad.

This mod will be forced spectator view racing game. Therefore dont even think about asking for a cockpit view. I am doing what I can to make sure you guys cant alter the view in all the tracks as I want this radio control racing, not racing.

Warning this mod is bloody hard!! Far from impossible but it certainly wont be pick up and play.

Thank you for reading if your still reading!!!

p.s Dont do exe's so lump it :)

NOTE: Radio Control Racing is part of the Series.

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chatham accountants
saeed20 on Jul-23-2020

Another rescue is to search after mods tracks here that seems to be not updated working links in RFC site
Slobbeman on Sep-28-2016

WildMonkey1584 on Sep-23-2016

Check this out, guys.

Almost all mods can be found there, it's a FTP website for rFactor and all other SimBin games like GTR2 and GTL.
YashioFactory on Jul-03-2012

Slobbeman on Apr-27-2012

Any chance to get this mod? Can`t find any link.
rainmaker87 on Mar-20-2012

When clicking on the link, All that happens is it ask's for a login when you're logged in anyway! Why?????
07890799040 on Mar-03-2012

Hi guys i have found that the download link for this mod does not work. Where is there a working download link
Melanie on Feb-18-2012

@Skulman54 - download link
NOxymoron on May-02-2011

Wheres the link?
Skulman54 on May-01-2011

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Radio Control Racing