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Rally Slovenia 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 19-May-12
Current release: 1, on 19-May-12

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Screenie by: BOJAN PINTAR
Screenie by: BOJAN PINTAR

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This is first six stages Rally Slovenia.Stages are real.I hope to find enough time to finish all 12 stages.For best graphics results put all details to high (full).

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Bojan, the SS Sorica in the same road of the GHD Sorica (real hillclim raced in 2004 and 2005, if i remember right!), but much longer? Or it's another place with the same name? Thanks!
time of... on Apr-23-2014

Very good! Now we just need a co-driver/navigator plug-in so I can make it to the end of the stage
feefish001 on Feb-05-2013

THE BEST RALLY!!! You shoud make some kind of page where we can donate for more tracks like this THANK YOU BOJAN
itstbg on Jul-12-2012

Hi dude. Great to see a complete (not yet, but I hope it'll be soon!) rally - not only one rally stage..
Great dude!
Dominikx on Jun-08-2012

Thank you boy36, now this route also works. Now just missing the other 6 tracks of the rally Slovenia. But do everything alone. I just want to say so that the first 6 tracks are great. Thumbs up!!!
Addy on May-29-2012

Stage 5 BTC City Fixed.
boy36 on May-29-2012

10:40:311 posted in an Alfa Romeo 8C
HenryB on May-24-2012

Un chef d'oeuvre!!!Une immersion fanstatique....Bravo Bojan, mes compliments.
argosrallye on May-23-2012

I have to say, after trying few historx cars here, for the first time I ever felt the same thrill as in richard burns rally. But this is rf, where we have old cars as well ha. Great.
MrPowCz on May-22-2012

Wait, I'll make a video, you will understand me better. I'm the first round (red), then I'm the 2nd Round (blue). at the 2nd (blue) round I go in / under the building along. I reach the first split time, but not the second split time. The 3rd Split time/ finish I achieve not this. While I can go to the finish, but the clock continues to run. I hope you can understand me better now?
Addy on May-22-2012

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