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Rally Track 1

By: raceking
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 31-Jul-06
Current release: 1, on 31-Jul-06

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Screenie by: joseqwerty
Screenie by: joseqwerty
Screenie by: drakenSE
Screenie by: drakenSE
Screenie by: drakenSE
Screenie by: drakenSE

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Ever hear of straightaways?
x2611 on Dec-24-2012

It finally works for me , I don´t know why , but downloaded again and now it works , is a fantastic track ! I guess the problem has something to do with the extraction of the files.
rustyjuan64 on May-31-2009

I get the following : "gmotor2 error : error loading texture SHANDONGGDX for material ROAD 03 " then : " error loading material ROAD03" and finally a CTD , Ive tried the three downloads in case the file was corrupt in one of them , but get the same in all three versions. Tried to find the original file from raceking , but the web is in Chinese and I´m unable to find it. Looks like a brilliant track , perhaps someone could reupload it. Thanks.
rustyjuan64 on Apr-22-2009

I'm the same as joebob4441, there's three files it says it can't find. What are you guys doing to make it work?
aljobar on Mar-30-2009

i installed it but it wont load. it says it cant find a file. please help
joebob4441 on Mar-08-2009

this is one of the best out there for rally stage fans..more of these please..THANK YOU raceking
jabe75 on Feb-24-2009

i have to say congratulations , this is a real good rally track, the other day i was with the new impreza wrc and it was really exciting i spend 4 hours without doing anithing except race it , congratulations. If you can midiffy the road signals to a more realistyc demage it would be awesom !!

Gonzalo Peru
gnzlo-tune on Feb-07-2009

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