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Realistic HDR effect for rFactor 1.20

By: rainmaker87

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87
Screenie by: rainmaker87

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This enhancement gives you the opportunity to bring the old gmotor2 engine to some fresh looking style. These are settings done by me with the ENB series of Boris Vorontsov.

Version 1.1 had over 2500 downloads in two years. So this can't be a wrong thing :)

Copy the files from the folder of the game you want to enhance into your main installation directory. This directory is where the rfactor.exe/gtr2.exe/GSC.exe/FTruck.exe is.

Don't forget: JUDGING WITHOUT TESTING IS SENSELESS! The pictures can not show the entire effect. This mod only shows his beauty in high resolution.

Update log:

v1.2 removed parameter that darkened up the game
v1.1 added FPS-limiter lines (45 FPS)


Get full resolution pictures for all games here: [url][/url]

Get the complete package for all games here: [url][/url]

It is normal that your FPS performance will be weaker.

This plug in needs further action to install if you already using the Global Info Display and Trackmap by fazerbox. Check the instructions in the GIDv1_1_ENG.pdf of the Global Info Display package!

Sometimes tracks with a score tower (mostly US-tracks) has problems with this plug in.

You can turn the effect on and off by pressing RIGHT-SHIT and BACKSPACE.

It also works with GT Legends. Race07 has some color problems in the menu and Richard Burns Rally is also supported.

Thanks to Boris Vorontsov for his service! Check out:

Rainmaker, March 2014

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Also I also like to see the ability to drive a fully loaded bus (as an upgrade item).
Assuming 46 passengers weighing 70 kg each, and each passanger have 20 kg of luggage, that will add 4,100 kg to the total weight which have significant performance impact.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

I removed ENBv1.0 it was obsolete.
rainmaker87 on Dec-23-2012

Please just use my official links:

Download ENBv1.1 &
Download ENBv1.0
rainmaker87 on Jul-13-2012

download link?
evilsimon on Jul-12-2012

Thanks for your replies. The hot keys to disable the plug in game is:


Then you can also see the entire effect by switching it on and off.
I`m using a 1680x1050 px resolution. It might looks different for smaller values.
rainmaker87 on Jun-28-2012

Hi Miguel . what might be happening is that when you try to switch it off your probably just taking a screenshot (F12), what i normally do is edit the enbseries.ini so shift+F6 becomes the activation key...but you can normally use F12 but you have to hold it in.

KeyUseEffect=117 (for me this F6)
Bruce_Leeroy on Jun-28-2012

Hello, i just installed and try out and works perfect. First I try without FPS drop. I have a question regarding desactivation of the plugin because shift+F12 doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions?.
miguelskaff on Jun-28-2012

Hi there , just a heads up that you can have TVSTYLE and other plugins working..just edit the proxy field in the enbseries.ini and rename the .dll in question.There are a few naming structures that work but you cant just rename other plugins to what you like and add the text to the proxy section. d3d-rf.dll would work for example!!

Bruce_Leeroy on Jun-28-2012

For some "with-and-without-screens" please download the sample pack!

The link is also in the Related Web Resources.
rainmaker87 on Jun-27-2012

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