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Realistic Helmet View FSone 07 0.30

By: zeuchoa

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa

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3D model that works as an upgrade for the car and gives you the view from inside the helmet.
Differently from previous version, helmet now is static as physics determines! Yes, guys, u conviced me of that...
but you'll notice a few bumping of the light in relation to visere, which is real... see videos!

This Demo version comes with helmet views for the bmw sauber, mclaren and ferrari.

Remember that this version is tv style dependent, so u'll have to donwload helmet skins and make sure u select it's profile in tv style to have the proper helmet in game.
BMW sauber skin is not ready yet, just the upgrade stucture and the visere model.
You can download the other skins in my painter profile:

After u install it go to upgrades in your car and buy the helmet view in the color u want (if colors are the case).

Read me still in portuguese, but if you read this is is not necessary.

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Is it possible Use this mod for FSONE 2008?
Vivian16 on Sep-24-2009

Static isn't correct either. Helmet always moves a bit, especially over bumps, I remember very well from karting. But I suppose high frequency vibration isn't possible to simulate. Anyway, very well made!
avatar7 on Jan-08-2009


Is it possible to use those helmet views originated for FSOne07 for MMG 07 as well?
F1Man on Dec-28-2008

OK. I managed to put helmet static as physics says it should be.
I eliminated all modeling from helmet except visor... now it is tv style dependent.
I've been making wet visors fot tv style to go with this.

Now we have both sun light in visor and a realistic helmet (absense of) movement. :-)

I'll make my skyns for f1 2007 and 2008 (wet and normal) available at my skins area here

You can check the more recent videos I uploaded for version 0.5 to be reased until the weekend. But remember to donwload tv style and skins (I'll make the abailable simultaneously) so that it will work properly.
zeuchoa on Oct-17-2008

Hm nice Idea but i hope it comes for CTDP and MMG also. One thing has to be fixed for final version the helmet schouldnt move cause its fixed to the head and not the car.
Metalord on Sep-19-2008

cool thanks alot
cumms on Aug-29-2008

it is hard to do it... u need to have notions of modelling and have to edit some gen files and upgrade files in your mod...
in the future I'll try to make a tutorial.
zeuchoa on Aug-29-2008

how can i do this for a another mod?
cumms on Aug-28-2008

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