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Red Bluff Indoor 1

By: dingdingbraa and 2 Guys Drafting
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 06-Dec-11
Current release: 1, on 07-Dec-11

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Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa

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Red Bluff Indoor Winter Series track for the Mini World of Outlaw Sprint Kart mod.

The Red Bluff Outlaws race at the largest Winter Series in the world at the Tehama District Fairgrounds in Red Bluff, California. Packed tightly inside the Pauline Davis Pavilion, the 1/10th mile clay dirt oval offers some of the tightest racing in the world. The facilites include the 104'x240' foot arena, 1800 bleacher seats, a state of the art Public Address system, forced air and radiant heaters, and a new ventilation system that circulates the entire building completely in 6 minutes. It has produced some of the best talent to ever race on dirt in the country, including USAC standout Kyle Larson, 2011 Silver Dollar Speedway 410 Sprint Car Champion Tyler Wolf, multi-time track champion Ryan Foster, NASCAR NationWide Series crew chief Jimmy Elledge, and many many more.

Learn more about the most exciting Indoor Winter Series in the WORLD @

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i love this track its great!
very good job!
1997redsun on Jun-07-2012

Open the cautionlight objects and cautionlightglow objects in 3dsimed. Make sure that the cautionlight objects are named cautionlighta and make sure the cautionlight glows are named cautionlightglowa.

Then, in the material editor make sure that they are switched to event. 011 in the first box and 5 set for the frequency.

I would also suggest checking the specular rgb box and changing the color to white and giving it a specular power of nothing less than 5.
USADRX29 on Dec-10-2011

ok, so my first attempt at a mod came out decent, so I've decided to work up a track for the Mini World of Outlaws kart mod. This is the hometown track of QRC and is one of the most famous indoor winter series in the world. This is my first attempt at a track and have learned a few things along the way. So hopefully you guys like it, I know it's a very difficult, tight little track, but it produces some awesome racing.


The AI cars suck. Need to do more fine tuning with the kart mod's AI physics to get them better for this place.

The caution light stays lit up after green comes back out (it's not blinking any more, but still stays lit). Not sure why, I've tried many different things to try and fix it, but nothing worked for me.

Flagman and green/red lights not working. Not sure what's going on with those but will eventually figure it out and post an update for those.

Hope you guys enjoy, and remember to leave any feedback, negative or positive. It helps having input for future projects.

Gary aka Dingdingbraa
dingdingbraa on Dec-06-2011

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