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Red Grand Prix 2011 1.10

By: Burning-Team
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 04-Jan-11
Current release: 1.100, on 04-Jan-11

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Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning
Screenie by: f1burning

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

The Red Grand Prix 2010 contains 6 oficial teams with 3 drivers each one.

Races have a duration of 60 minutes. Points system is next:

FirstPlace = 15
SecondPlace = 13
ThirdPlace = 11
FourthPlace = 8
FifthPlace = 5
SixthPlace = 3
SeventhPlace = 2
EighthPlace = 1

Season be known of:


Engine: V10 90º BRGTV10
Power: 960 Cv
Top Speed: +350 km/h
Gearbox: Automatic 7 gears + rear 21000 rpm

Weight: 650 kg
Tires: Michelin Slick & Wet Tyres M10
3 drivers/team


Please if you want ask me or modificate this mod contact me at:

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Where I can download the complete pack? First link not work.
tigervalerio on Jul-23-2015

Thanks for this mod, but i get a major problem

Since I installed the mod, I've created new teams with new paints, and deleted the other ones from the original mod (well it's since i did it that i get low rpm problem, maybe if I put them back in game it will works...).

Then when i try to race my fps comes very low (it's impossible to race, it's too low) no matter which graffic settings i'm using, from higher to lower.

I tried with other mod (f1 sr 1991 he) witch was functionning well on full details, then now i get the same problem, very low fps.

Does somebody got in idea?

Thanks a lot for the answers,

edit :I've reinstalled the whole game, without mods it seems functioning well
edit 2 : a whole re-installation of everything solved to problems.......
3377 on Jan-25-2012

This mod is very cool, congratulations to all of yours, but I have a small problem.
I made myself a custom helmet in the game but did not want to appear it. :S
What is wrong?
Thanks in advance for the answers.
zadi on Aug-01-2011

To install it run the rgp.exe and install it in your rFactor folder, this should run without errors. Don't install it in subdirectories folders.
f1burning on Mar-27-2011

I'm having a problem with the rfm files that I hope someone can help me with. I've installed all the mod files in the proper places, but something in the rfm files is causing rfactor not to load. I've verified this by uninstalling all the mod files except the rfm files & the game loads just fine. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how do I fix this. Have not had this happen with any other mod so far. Please get back to me asap. Thanx.
chris308 on Mar-23-2011

great mod very cool
1two3four on Mar-07-2011

very nice mod =D
beautyfull cars and pretty nice gameplay!
ThijsGP on Jan-20-2011

Vale, muchas gracias, f1burning, gran trabajo.
Alejandro95 on Jan-11-2011

excellent mod watch nw video here >>
nh racing on Jan-06-2011

Vale para el casco y la cámara, prueba a modificar el FOV vertical en settings pantalla. Por la geometría del coche la cámara está colocada arriba de la chimenea y no tiene ángulo de visión para todo el casco.
f1burning on Jan-06-2011

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