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Relay Anticheat client 1

By: RC

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: RC
Screenie by: RC

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Relay anticheat client protects leagues against possible cheating.

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I have downloaded and installed the program, but could not find instruction. The Help menu instructed to visit their Forum on their website. The Forum "off course" not public, registration needed. Once I got the registration could not loged in refaring some cookie setting problems. I have no idea what the hell I should check in my cookie settings in my browser (I have tried both explorer and Chrome without succes), so I am bit anoyed with them.

I do not know whether every league memember who wants to join to the server needs to install and run this aplication or enough to install and run on the deddicated server?
brigo69 on Jul-22-2011

Anyone tried this yet?

How about a review?

For example:

Does the server show up on Matchmaker?
Is there a relay system like Tyka uses?
Does it affect lag or server congestion?
If someone is cheating how does it notify the admin?
IMSA GTP on Jun-18-2011

Modbaraban: When u run the program theres readme inside.
Ingy on Jun-18-2011

Cheating kills online gaming.-(
SirArthurRimshot on Jun-18-2011

Great software, i don't know how people can use cheats in racing, it's so.... stupid :/
etienne_ on Jun-16-2011

Any info? a readme?
modbaraban on Jun-16-2011

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