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Renault Super Clio 1

By: BR Dev
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 25-Feb-07
Current release: 1, on 25-Feb-07

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Screenie by: fsilveira
Screenie by: fsilveira
Screenie by: maxiteto
Screenie by: maxiteto
Screenie by: fsilveira
Screenie by: fsilveira
Screenie by: maxiteto
Screenie by: maxiteto
Screenie by: Alex Belico
Screenie by: Alex Belico

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Renault SuperClio 2006 MOD 1.0

By BRDev - Brazil Developments MOD TEAM -


BRDev Members:
Marcelo Pereira - Quick 3D issues, Shaders, Textures And Assembly.
Murilo Zimmer - 3D and Textures.
Segio Villarim - Music And Sound Effects.
Ricardo Pedro - Physics, tests, tests And tests.

Fabio Pittol - Template And Textures.

Renato Silva - Beta Tester And rFactor addicted.

Andre Meister - Textures And installer.


Especial thanks to:

Andre Bragantini Jr - Real SuperClio Driver
and mod beta tester.

CBAV - Server for tests and Beta Testers.

VVR Online - Server for tests and Beta Testers.

rFactor Central -

Dot's Comunicação -

Cenize Software -

Community Rating

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432/500 (9538 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
Community Ratings since October 01, 2009   My Ratings
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Realistic Damage
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As nice blog,but you could have websitewebsite made this blogmore cool but all the same you have done a good job)
SergioJordan on Sep-16-2018

Detail of the genuine man has been shared and actually moved for the individuals. Al the factors have been linked with for the flow of the brisk paces for the people. The engagement is done for the approval of the huge movement for the humans in life.
lindajack154 on Jun-13-2018

What FFB selection do I need to make in the mod 'upgrade' menu?
No matter which I pick I can hardly feel anything. My G25 is set up properly, in other mods it nearly shakes the desk to pieces so thats not the problem.
doofus on Feb-09-2013

Buenas....ando en busca del parche de boxes para que cambie gomas. Me he encontrado en todos lados con links de Megaupload muerto ya hace meses. Alguien lo tendrá a mano como para pasarlo??? Lo subo a mediafire y comparto luego el link como corresponde. Gracias de antemano.
pablopali on Aug-20-2012

We are racing this mod now for 7 seasons and we still enjoy it very much! This mod is perfect for all skill levels of drivers!!
Roy Verzijl on Jul-31-2012

i get an error while trying to convert my skintemplate as a dds.
candy_chris on Nov-10-2010

Hola a todos, estamos creando un CAMPEONATO con este mod y buscamos gente para competir, os dejo el enlace a la página:
Os dejo también un video en el que podeis ver los coches de los que ya estamos apuntados:
No importa si llegais con el torneo empezado, ya que despues haremos otro, veremos con que mod
Un saludo a todos¡
jfsegovia on Apr-22-2010

edit... ah, same problem in both sets of templates, but i have sorted it.. emails are flowing.. thanks guys, sorry to bug the page
THEDUMMY on May-21-2009

ps... to everyone else and esp to the creators of this mod / this is by far the best mod i have raced so far, and believe me i have had a few while searching for the best (imho) MANY thanks to the creators... this work is fantastic!!
THEDUMMY on May-21-2009

@ pablopali... hello friend i have created a blank psd file for the windows only yesterday. i have sent you a message. check your rmail. email me and i can send you the blank psd ------------------------
@ Pablopali ... hola amigo, he creado un archivo en blanco psd para las ventanas sólo el día de ayer. i le han enviado un mensaje. comprobar su rmail. correo electrónico y me puedo enviarle el blanco psd -----------------------------
THEDUMMY on May-21-2009

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Renault Super Clio