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Reservoir GP 1.20

By: RocanaNuskooler
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 24-May-14
Current release: 1.200, on 24-May-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler
Screenie by: RocanaNuskooler

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Reservoir GP v1.00 Seaside & urban original track

please visit

-Lenght 5979 m
-Permanent track. 54 Vehicles Grid.
-Night illumination for night races.

Complex track designed for not begginers. Curves combined with heavy slopes. I think the perfect vehicle for this track is an RWD with middle powered engine. Any other kind of vehicle is also fun here, but with a RWD is an expert test.

Track history:
The track has experienced many changes. In the original layout had far fewer changes in height and it was easier. The track started at the bottom of a valley of a reservoir, and half track underwater tunnels. In the end I decided to leave the circuit at a cliff several meters above the sea, and also decided to put urban.

This track has helped me to try many new things & methods, and that's why have long been time working it.

With all layouts the track reached 40 km, with different sections to current. Most of them didn't like me so much, so I decided to leave (for now) a short but very elaborate layout. (Gp layout, 5,9 Km)

But there is a small circuit 2 km of asphalt, which will be available soon. There are also dirt tracks, with about 8 or 9 km, around the tarmac track.

All these layouts will be released soon, and perhaps another layout long and fast, throught forest. Rfe plugin too i hope.

Please comment any bug. I hope you like & please visit my website. Thanks to every one.


Reservoir GP v1.200

Added the possibility of race in reverse in v1.200. Guided by the votation, I've improved the most part of the aiw. There are new cameras too.

Known bug: aiw doesn't work very well in reverse version.

Thanks to everybody :D

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It is so far the best of the best... congrats.... awesome track..
SpeedRoh on Jun-21-2016

Simply one of the greatest tracks ever made. Bernie needs to contact you for the next F1 track . Drove in F190 Ferrari and touched the brakes twice
sinosized on Aug-03-2014

Awsome Track, I love it
ich95 on Jun-23-2014

Fast coming my favourite track...excellent...thanks for creating and posting. Turn 8, left hander along the coast with the rocks, on the turn in the track surface throws the car to the right into the barrier. have tried different lines, everything...same effect...
saultenian on Jun-08-2014

having fun

Sorry about the quality
nuskooler on Jun-04-2014

Clip of the track:
warsk8 on Jun-01-2014


Thanx for sharing your work! The track has to be one of the best Fantasy Tracks out. The elevation changes are excellent!!
Smokey on May-27-2014


Thank for the work and congratulations for this superb track.
samydavis on May-26-2014

Thank you Rocana for yet another great track; your eye for detail is amazing!!!
stone3d on May-26-2014

Another great track from you, Rocana, thanks a lot!
dh_vetmed on May-25-2014

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