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RevMeter F1 2012 widget for rfDynHud plugin 1v2 1

By: dnsoft

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: dnsoft
Screenie by: dnsoft

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This is Formula 1 2012 realistic revmeter (as realistic can be), with 'rolling' gears, velocity display, KERS and DRS displays.

Updated version v1.00 WORKS with rfDynHud v1.3

This is my replay to all, that are interested, so don't be cruel, this widget I made for private joy, and guess what... it works nicely!

Widged is working with rfDynHud plugin version 1.2 (NOT WORKING with v1.3 and recent versions)

- rFactor (greatest ever simulator)
- rfDynHud plugin v1.2

How to...
- unpack all to rfdynhud folder (rfdynhud v1.3 and recent not supported)
- install DINMittelschriftStd_0.ttf font if you want original look
- please use DN_overlay.ini in editor, to load F1 2011 revMeter.
- don't forget to setup input bindings
- it work nicely with rf_highvoltage

Old post
This widget is not stand alone widget jet, and it's a little bit outdated (NOT working with rfDynHud plugin v1.3), but lot of rFactor funs on Youtube saw it there and asked me to share.

Good luck,
drive safely!

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Latest RevMeter F1 2012 widget for rfDynHud plugin 1v2 Comments

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great site thanks spokane remodeling contractors
looneyhans on Feb-08-2021

super abrasive blasting game. had fun playing
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

This tool has been created in a cooperation between Simsync and International PRO Modding.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

Same problem here. Just talking with rfHighVoltage dev, because newest version of rfHV removed the send H key when activating DRS. Totally breaking this widget even more.


BTW where do I find the DRS Off setting in Input Bindings, there's only one for DRS Action". Editing input_bindings.ini doesn't do shit. Plus the rFDynHUD binding editor only recognizes wheel BUTTONS and not axis, so you can't map the brake pedal to toggle off anyway. What a bunch of crap.

Too bad Codemasters F1 sucks so much, we have to deal with all this bullshit, instead of racing.
x2611 on May-19-2013

Still a little confused by this - How do you make the DRS widget switch off when you brake as it does in high voltage? I am using a Momo Racing wheel and when I select input bindings --> DRS off I can't assign the brake pedal. DRS action only correlates to pressing the button, not whether it is actually on or off. Apart from that - many thanks to DnSoft, ISI, IPM, CTDP and WCP for making me an armchair Webber/Ricciardo
Butcher on Apr-11-2013

Guys plz HELP me ! I know all that shits about input bindings ..... but i have 1 BIG problem , my DRS-KERS working in game but not showing in revMeter !! WHY???? omg i mean why ? kers is like empty , there is no red color in the battery , DRS also when i turn on not showing green ... WTF? but working , and rear wing working i fell the speed , and max speed when using drs, kers in game but this is so annoynig because i cant see how mutch kers i have and when my drs is on ... HELP plz am i missing something ?? or im stupid ? plz plz HELP !

Michael Schumacher The Greatest !
schumy7 on Feb-20-2013

great addon. 2 remarks though: the rev range remains the same no matter the car type and the neutral and reverse gear are not displayed instantly unless u hit the gas
saistalab on Aug-05-2012

In inputbindings you must configure drsWidget1 actions by yourself.
DRS_Action key for open rear wing, and DRS_off key for close.

Configured DRS action does nothing to car itself, it only work visually (turning DRS sign to green and back) and flip the rear wing if MOD allowed (most common by headlight key).

To put all that to work on car, you need to have another plugin, like rfHighVoltage!
dnsoft on Apr-24-2012

Hey more thanks for the plugin but i have one problem, the kers already configured, but de DRS what is the action in the inputblindingsmanagers menu for on and what is the off action for the drswidget1?

More thanks and sorry for my english
jordi08110 on Apr-24-2012

Yeah, sorry, SpeedTrap.png graphic is missing because I didn't meant to put Speed trap (and some other widgets) in this pack, and simply forgot to exclude widget itself.

So, if you need it badly, send me a private message with your mail, and I'll send it to you!
dnsoft on Apr-20-2012

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