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Road Atlanta 2007 0.95

By: Ewan (Uzzi) Chalker and Thunderchild
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

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Road Atlanta is a 2.54-mile (4.088 km) road course located just north of Braselton, Georgia, USA. Home to the Petit Le Mans, as well as AMA motorcycle racing, and smaller events throughout the year. The track has 12 turns, including the famous "esses" between turns three and five; and Turn 12, a downhill, diving turn.

I’ve updated the track to include the latest additions to the track and finished up all the little details that were holding it back from release. This is my finished version of the track and supersedes any others on rFC or eleswhere.


* Rebuilt just about everything; Elevations and layout are matched to the latest GPS and satellite imagery. Sorry, no LADAR.

* Added all the latest changes to the track; both chicanes at The Esses, and the 90 degree corner at the support paddocks entrance.

* Fixed the cameras.

* Fixed sky; night racing works perfect - with day/night transitions.

* 24 hour night lighting - with lens flares.

* Garage spots in the pits, so no hunting for the garage exit.


Textures and additional TSO's: Thunderchild and The Lonely
Misc. TSO's, and textures (not sure); Culmone67
AIW: Pandamasque, edited by Uzzi
Track modeler (and everything eles): Uzzi

Note: Some files were taken from Culmone67's and Pandamasque's updates, but I tried to use Thunderchild and The Lonely's work wherever possible.


*The AI isn’t perfect and doesn't always follow the perfect line, so it's a little slow in single player and weird in the pits.

* The grass and sand use bump/spec map shaders, so they may look weird on rFactor, due to its primitive graphics system, but still better than the old add/mult layers. I'm looking forward to porting to an HDR cap[able game next.

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Road Atlanta video is awesome and million of the people are watch this video. I am first compound hunting bows dealer now I am interested in races or cars to that's why change my field and move on from here.
fyzofit on Aug-29-2018

Thanks, I'm excited too. I couldn't guess when it will be ready for release, since I'm working alone on it and still modeling some small details plus the sky is stubbornly not rendering, but it's 99% ready. I'd like it done within a couple weeks if all goes well. It is ready for testing.
Uzzi on Apr-25-2016

I'm excited to read your updates in 2016 for this track! When do you expect to release it?
LightbulbSun on Apr-22-2016

No one still working on this excellent track ?
Having watched "Petit Le Mans" race recently it seems obvious that this track have a scale problem, like it has been shrink down maybe by a ten %, feeling somewhat like a go-kart track.
It would be fantastic if the original author or someone else could correct this, would make this track a all time HOF. (well, it is already)
guinnessman on Nov-11-2013

DEAR GOD WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THIS TRACK??!!! It looks so good and I want to drive it so bad and it's just not anywhere to be found... WTF?? Someone mind helpin me out here??
RSmithdrift on Oct-03-2011

Hey Uzzi, are u ok? i really like this track, and i'd like to see the final version dunno if you're working on track but i hope yes. Any news about? 2011 Petit Le Mans is not far!! thanks in advance, keep up the good work.
DeDios on Sep-21-2011

Are someone still working on this fantastic track? I try the Beta with Culmone Texture Update and everything looks amazing!!There is some little graphics imperfection but the track is very good..C'mon!!! It remain a 5% of work,it's not too much!!!!!However...THANK YOU!!!
gabry on Aug-03-2011

I never gave up on the track; it just went in a different direction than public release. I'm still trying to integrate my new work with all the old stuff.
Uzzi on Apr-25-2011

I worked my butt off on this track. Unfortunately, Uzzi (Ewan) would not communicate or work together. I had to duplicate my work several times on this (my home) track. I tired of resending improvements and new work only to see it ignored.

Good luck Ewan, this track could have been finished years ago had we worked together.

Thunderchild on Feb-15-2011

Got to be patient on this one. It's been under construction so long, with several different constructors - as I recall, Panoz4Prez was the original instigator, and Thunderchild was working with him on the graphics at that time. About five years later I see it's improved quite a bit, and it's been four years since my last Petit LeMans, too. Uzzi, please keep at it, because it has excellent flow and very effective elevation changes. Thank you for continuing with it.
DRat on Feb-02-2011

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