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Rockingham UK 1

By: Deadeyeski and lasercutter
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 15-Apr-08
Current release: 1, on 15-Apr-08

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Screenie by: Blue Monkey
Screenie by: Blue Monkey
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: max86
Screenie by: max86
Screenie by: 07spanky07
Screenie by: 07spanky07

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Rockingham V1 by Deadeyeski/lasercutter

Converted from the GTR conversion by Neel Jani

With kind permission from Neel Jani

Thanks to Codemasters for creating the original track
Thanks to ISI for rFactor
Thanks to Dave noonan for 3dsimed
And 3DS Max played a huge part too.

AIW by Cammel (many thanks for doing all of them and get well soon)

Skies were gathered from various corners of my hard drive and original authors are long since confused
to that end thank you to those people that create the wonderful textures for us to use
(no unauthourised skies/textures have been used to the best of my knowledge)

This track conversion was started by lasercutter in 2006 and many hours were put into reworking the GTR version to
bring it up to more modern standards, however due to other commitments it was put on hold until deadeyeski offered to
take up the challenge and really make it happen, the result of his hard work is plain to see with some texture work that
puts some scratch made tracks to shame and is easily one of the best looking conversions out there.
He also spent a lot of time making sure all the different layouts were included and then went further and made wet versions
of them all too. (thanks to the lonely for his tutorial and sln for his textures for the wet tracks) that is why his name is at the
front of this readme as it really would not have happened without him.

A big thanks also to James (speeracer) for his excellent Multa_Grass.DDS and grant for the road textures, their input and help have been invaluable, thank you.

Thank you to all the beta testers and everyone who contributed to this conversion

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Track has 13 dry layouts and 13 wet layouts which have been seperated into two sections (Wet and Dry)

please contact for permissions regarding this conversion.

Known Issues:

There are known inaccuracies in the elevations of the track and these may be adressed in a future update
The exit route of the national pits needs reworking
The new BTCC pit entry needs to be added as well as the new super high kerbing (this version based on 2007 layout for BTCC)

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Track very gud, i hop to visit rockingham juan day
eduppz on Dec-19-2016

The tarmac on the infield is the wrong colour.
It is a kind of brownish clay like colour, not grey.
Rockett_man on Sep-17-2011

Yeah its true.... the oval track doesn't work with full course yellow flags, do you know some fix to put a full-course yellow flag?
tuso on Mar-31-2010

In the Oval layout the Full Yellow doesnt work. Just local yellow show. How I be able to set Full yellow on this oval track?
X-MEN on Mar-31-2010

Any chance of getting additional pitstalls added to the Oval AIW file? It only has 23 spots and ends up with pitstall sharing which does not work very well on an oval. It really needs 43 spots like most oval tracks, or at least 30 and have it configured to not share pitstalls.
wvu_sam on May-25-2009

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