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Roebling Road 1

By: Andy55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 04-Jun-06
Current release: 1, on 04-Jun-06

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Screenie by: Cooper911
Screenie by: Cooper911
Screenie by: Cooper911
Screenie by: Cooper911

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An SCGT conversion to rFactor

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I see that people are still looking for this mod. I have FINALLY successfully gotten into that German site (wasn't easy) and downloaded the mod. I have to say it's not very true to the track, but the general idea is still there. The TRACK isn't that far off, but the VIEW is WAY WAY OFF - the 'glitter' surrounding the front straight (including an OUTSIDE CONCRETE WALL THAT ISN'T REALLY THERE) is a bit much for a club track. BUT - it's still better than nothing - which is what I can produce on my own (NOTHING <G>.

I have added it to my own website so that it can be downloaded without undue fanfare. Thanks again to Andy for making the original conversion to get it into rFactor for us. I hope he has no objection to me providing this for the rFactor world.

Get it here...

SD803113 on Nov-20-2010

There is a link to a German simracing site where you can get the Roebling track zip file. You do have to register for the site, and the Google German to English translator was helpful there. However, you CAN still get Roebling that way.
tdn4360 on Oct-21-2010

I get an error message trying to link to "Andy55" Is there another way to link to the location of this track file download site? Clicking on "Andy55" does not seem to work anymore.
tdn4360 on Jul-28-2010

I also cannot find anything that works. Any updates or new locations to download it from?
J. Salmon on Oct-21-2009

I am new to rFactor. I have a race at Roebling Road in 3 weeks. I would realy like to download now for practice. However, every link I can find is broken.

How can I get the track downloaded???

THanks, Ben
bkViper on Sep-06-2009

Can someone who has this track zip this file and upload somewhere? Thanks.
AtlJimK on May-09-2009

At the top of this thread click on 'Andy55' name. Then click on post #33 link in the forum it opens up to. You'll have your track download there.
eddiespag on Jan-29-2009

I don't see any download link. Someone could please post it?
igorpadrao on Jan-09-2009

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