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Roma Grand Prix 0.50

By: RedhotITA1
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: RedhotITA1
Screenie by: RedhotITA1
Screenie by: CamaroKid
Screenie by: CamaroKid

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The mod will change. now is a fantasy track. I will NOT continue.

FFG Group and Alemanno Decided to not do any Roma Grand Prix.

Thanks for the attention

There is the Roma Grand Prix Circuit of the Roma Formula Futuro.
Positioned in the E.U.R. zone (Esposizione Universale di Roma)

A New track for rFactor is coming soon. Its the Roma Grand Prix - Made by scratch.
The Idea Started in 2007 and after some discussion were choose the layout and date for the Grand Prix. August of 2013 will be the first.

This is the Layout of 2010. I wanted do this track for 2 reason.

1) - Because i really like the circuit, and it looks easy to do.
2) - Because i can made something by myself. The track today is a simple Road
The AIW File is not ready. Use for TEST races (NO AI SUPPORTED)

___________________New's of Track_____________________________
Deleted Trees - Increase of FPS
15 Jenuary 2011
Added Palaces, City Circuit
More large track
Bugs of 0.30 fixed (Kerbs Shadow, Underpassage, walls)
21 Jenuary 2011
Palazzo Della Civilta, Palazzo Dei Congressi Added.
Grass Removed. Now is road. Road extendet.
Circuit Reversed. Layout 2010.

________________________Diary of releases_____________________
5 Jenuary 2011 - First Release 0.30
18 Jenuary2011- Second Preview 0.41

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Its a good track. bit slow for F1 cars but the scenary is nice. The only complaint i have is there is a ledge that wipes out cars if they go off and that certain areas it is really easy to drive off the track onto the other pieces of map. Overall though not bad.

PS. will post pic of me wiping my Lotus out on the ledge
CamaroKid on Aug-05-2011

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