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Rorberg 1

By: Hompe
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 18-Sep-10
Current release: 1, on 29-Dec-10

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Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe
Screenie by: hompe

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New 1.0 Version has remade smooth track surface
new curbs
new pit building
new grass
new tarmac
new gravel
new sand
new tires
new fences
new terrain
new kart aiw that works fine with karts

And much much more

Rörberg Karting Track for rFactor
Location: Sweden
Length: 800M

Track made with Bobstrackbuilder, Route and satelite picture from Google Earth.

- Trees and Treewall from SLN
- Most Ground, Walls, Fence, Sky textures are taken from, Tweaked by myself
- The Track Tires models and textures are made by myself

Thanks goes to:
- The Lonely & SLN For giving me permission to use their amazing textures
- Erik Brodin and Blackmagic for support and guidence
- Piddy for the powerful Bobs Track Builder
- Racedepartment BTB Community for xpacks, tutorials and lots of great tips!


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JasmineMaria on Nov-09-2018

New Link Added!
hompe on Nov-03-2014

hey hompe your downloadlinks dont work anymore!
please update the links the track looks amazing!
LauZzZn on Jan-04-2013

@BlackPandaRacing , you probably have a loose sky.mas in your locations folder.. remove it and all will work.
Hugh Jarse on Dec-29-2010

hompe on Dec-04-2010

Will try this one Hompe!
erwin greven on Oct-17-2010

Its a good effort is this track. Only thing I would say is the curbs are far too wide compared to real life but other than that it looks nice and you have done a good job so far. Keep it up!

Madcowie on Oct-15-2010

Super work, almost to drive in real life !
Brodd on Oct-07-2010

Strange, should work if you install it correctly
hompe on Sep-27-2010

It won't load for me.
I keep getting an ERROR .mas problem for SKY.MAS.
Please help!
BlackPandaRacing on Sep-21-2010

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