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Rose Valley Park 1.10

By: Grant and Mikey
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 22-Mar-12
Current release: 1.100, on 22-Mar-12

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Screenie by: Grant
Screenie by: Grant
Screenie by: Grant
Screenie by: Grant

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A beautiful Mountain circuit located near Vancouver BC.

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Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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Could somebody re upload the track (both links are broken).
pixar738 on Mar-04-2017

My Hall of Fame lets you nominate up to 15 tracks, 10 cars, and 5 addons for the RFC HOF, as well as share your favorites with others.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

i down loaded it in 4 mins and was running it in 5 with no errors first lap time was 3.mins long track with alot mega bites to load
bobcat00 on May-03-2012

By all means tweak the AIW file. I am not sure how to make the AI go proper. Also i might do DDS conversion for Rose. My next track will have alll DDS.
grant977 on Apr-02-2012

@Grant - I done some refining with the quick and crude test. I've got the track to load in 1 minute. Still looks good, IMO.

Track surface textures, Highway info signs - no resizing
Logos, other signs, flags, Avril, Natalie, black rock texture - resized to 512 X 512
(unless a lot of detail, a few logos do; and some still looked fine at 256 X 256 too)
Everything else - all must be no larger than 1024 X 1024.
And, I changed the blue and white walls to the white walls from your Columbia Memorial Park track.

As for track bugs I've noticed; the cut detection on the chicane just after the pits seems a bit too aggressive on the left side. There are a few track side cameras that need better placement (some provide good views of the track walls and little else).

The only other thing is the AI. The bots are far too timid. I'd be willing to try tweaking the AIW file if you like, but like you, I'm still learning as I go along.
NOxymoron on Mar-30-2012

Ah I got ya. I will use dds in my future tracks. Thanks for the advice. I am learning as I go along.
grant977 on Mar-29-2012

@Grant - I've been looking at files used in making this track; there is 'perfection' and then there is overkill. eg. The speed limit sign - 1024 X 1024, 24 bit JPG for something that is black and white and may, at best, occupy 10% of the screen. I did a quick & crude test of graphic issue by doing a batch resize of all secondary textures (logos, flags, signs) to 25% of original, loading is now less than 10 minutes. Conversion of JPG to DDS would likely speed it up more.

If you don't have a DDS plugin this does a good job of conversion;

PS. the resized graphics eliminated on track FPS issues I mentioned in previous post.
NOxymoron on Mar-29-2012

This track doesn't load and blocks rFactor. ?????
stratman on Mar-28-2012

Rose Valley.
jv27 on Mar-25-2012

@NitroMcClean - Yes, I think so, but see previous post.
NOxymoron on Mar-24-2012

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