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Roskilde Ring 1962 1

By: Anton Norup Sørensen
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Feb-07
Current release: 1, on 06-Feb-07

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This is a conversion of my GPL version of Roskilde Ring, released in May 2004.

When Roskilde Ring was opened in 1955, it marked the beginning of a new era, as it was the first permanent race track for cars in Denmark. At only 670 metres, it was soon considered to be too short, and was in 1957 extended to a length of approx. 1400 metres. It became the only Danish track to host formula one races, in 1961 and 1962, featuring famous drivers as Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham, Jim Clark and John Surtees. It also became the cradle for the first Danish race drivers of international standard. The adventure ended in 1969, when the track was closed due to being in a too densely populated area.

Some changes in the rFactor implementation compared to the GPL original:

Banking of the Bosch hairpin has been increased a couple of degrees, as photos indicates that the real banking was more than in the GPL version.

Bumps have been edited into the track surface and the off-track area has been made less smooth.

Off track 3D-mesh has been edited to resemble the real track better, and opposing section edges have been merged into a continuous surface.

Most tree-walls have been replaced with 3D-trees. More bushes and tufts of grass added.

A few texture details has been added since the GPL release: In-field lap-counter, tarmac repairs and dirt, depot entrance markings and more.

The depot is now used by the cars, in stead of the incorrect pit-lane in GPL.

Five car wide starting grid.

New 3D objects: Barriers in depot area.

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this is a awsome track i love it perfact for drifting the JMD cars here
mclf1 on Jan-29-2009

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