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Rostock Osthafenkurs 1.10

By: f1edition
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 05-Jun-13
Current release: 1.100, on 05-Jun-13

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Screenie by: f1edition
Screenie by: f1edition
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Silver BENZ

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"Rostock Osthafenkurs" v. 1.1 for rFactor von Andre F1-Edition.

In April 1952 at the Rostock Osthafenkurs held its first race of the East German road championship for motorcycles and Formula II and Formula III racing. In the period from 1952-1954 saw 100,000 visitors each year exciting races that also West German drivers took part.
Now the route: You start on the road Gutenbergstraße in the village Dierkow above Rostock and drives to the "Kurve der Jugend".
After the left turn going downhill over the "Kurve der Werften" through the forest to the city of Rostock. There follows a tight left turn, with the name "Matthias-Berger-Kurve". After the passage of the suburb of Rostock, the route continues through the forest looking up again over several hills and it follows the "Kurve des Friedens". Then the ride continues after Dierkow where we reach the start/finish of this track.

Construction workers of the track for rFactor:
Objects and/or textures from Andre F1-Edition, Virtua_LM team, CY-33, Thomas Lächele, Philcout and TheSky, MotorFX and Com8.
I'd like to thank all the others I have not listed now, but have stood by me with help and advice.
How could it be otherwise, even here is a problem.
At night some clipping on the track with the front headlights.

Test computer:
The race track was tested and developed on an standard PC with AMD Phenom II 3.2GHz with GeForce GTS 450 at a resolution of 1024 * 768.
The field was limited to 36 cars, which is for the start field the maximum.

Please unpack the ZIP file into the rFactor target directory or rather copy.

Image Space Incorporated for the great racing sim rFactor.
Dave Noonan for 3DSIMED.
Bobs Track Builder for this great track-designer-program.

I'd developed the race track for GT Legends and I expanded visually and technically for rFactor.
The download is only permitted on the websites of, and, should be the path where to download differently, notify me.
Please Ask whenever changes are made.

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Hello f1edition, can I convert your track to F1 Challenge 99-02?
WJB1804 on Aug-09-2015

Fantastic track though there is one thing that should be changed. It is impossible to see the starting lights in the grid when you aren't in the top spots. It would be good to have some lights a little further in the back as well on the grid for this track.
JariB on Dec-08-2014

It always annoyed me that at one track I would win by miles, up to over a lap ahead of the AI's, at another be able to pass an AI on a corner only to have them zoom back past on the next straight, then at another just watch the AI's disappear into the distance.

So by altering settings in the aiw & gdb I hope to make each track fair, challenging, consistent & balanced & adjust any minor car/garage errors I can, 90+ tracks so you can use as many as you like in an rfm.

In the aiw I adjusted the fueluse setting if needed to make the Fuel/lap ratio more correct, so you can put enough fuel in for qualifying & the race (my corrections are normally within 2 laps of a full tank).
set the worst adjust to 0.8 (rf default), set mid adjust to 0.9 (rf default), set best adjust to 1.0 (rf default) (while I adjust the grip level for AI drivers using AIDryGrip in the gdb file) then increase it to 1.1 (Which makes the AI's about 3 - 6 secs faster per lap in qualifying)

In the gdb I remove any attrition setting as many tracks already have it built in & adjust the garage depth if needed, remove the QualifyDuration & QualifyLaps so these can be controlled from the rfm file, normal duration of 40mins & 6 laps for qualifying, any tracks that have the laps reduced to 3 is because more than 40% of AI's fail to set a lap time in 6 laps(this prevents them from leapfroging to the front of the grid when qualifying ends), any tracks that have 4 or 7 laps is because when either an AI breaksdown or the player ends their qualifying 2 laps are added to the total instead of just 1.
Add AIDryGrip & increase the setting until the fastest AI in the same car as I use to set my fastest lap time possible on a test day, is about 1 - 4 secs slower (depending on the track length & type) in weekend race qualifying (this allows for the AI's only driving at 90% - 95% of normal season Qualifying pace & allows for the 3 - 6 sec faster time when bestadjust is increased to 1.1).
I then do a test race so I can do any fine tuning to the AI grip settings.As all tracks are different & some track makers already give the AI's extra grip there is not one easy grip setting that will work for all tracks, so is a matter of trial & error.

I could do with feedback on the settings, so if anyone would like to try the street tracks I have done, then contact me . The tracks I have completed are in Australia & the Far east, 4 tracks over 10Km(marathons) & America these rar files are 3Mb & contain only the aiw & gdb files, so if you do not already have the tracks, you would need to download the original, then overwrite the aiw & gdb, I've made it so you can install in the same way as any mod. These settings were done using cars from the HotHatch mod by Murph, so hopefully should be ok for other car mods.

I am still working on tracks in Europe, so will contact anyone who has kindly tested the tracks as it is completed & should be about 4-5Mb.
Lockinvar on Jan-11-2014

This track looks awesome! WOW! ..and that with such an old graphics-engine.
KobeBryant on Jun-11-2013

Great looking track. Thanks!
slonyara on Jun-10-2013

I think the MOD is this:
werner38 on Jun-10-2013

What's the screncapture's MOD? Good track, CONGRATULATIONS
cristiwinki on Jun-09-2013

great job!
neron2 on Jun-08-2013

I just downloaded via Mediafire, no problem.
Norm B. on Jun-07-2013

yes. not download (
aspec on Jun-06-2013

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