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Rotax RMAX Challenge 1

By: iDT Simulations
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 14-Jan-09
Current release: 1, on 14-Jan-09

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Screenie by: Dougrun
Screenie by: Dougrun
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: OGRacer
Screenie by: OGRacer
Screenie by: OGRacer
Screenie by: OGRacer

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Rotax Project: This is a community project mod. Please feel free to modify the sounds, tires, skins, helmets, and physics to improve the mod. Post any work on our forum at

You CANNOT package and redistribute this mod under any other name. Any improvements, upgrades and options will be added to future version releases by iDT, building the credits as we go. Ratings really dont matter on this until the next major version (2.0).

Based on the Rotax Kart Challenge series, these fictional kart liveries should provide some fun karting. We never finalized the physics on these but want to release it as a fun mod anyway. I'm sure credit goes out to previous iDT members that have moved on so I will update the list here if you message me.

These karts have tons of optional extras in real life like steering wheel tachs and other bodywork. The suspension, sounds and physics need the most work.

Livery work: Omar "OG" Gonzalez. (Rotax Hooters #00, Rotax Ferrari # 1, Rotax McLaren # 2, Rotax Monster Assault # 3, Rotax Alienware #X9, Rotax WIP - Women In Pink #20, Rotax Green Monster #21, Rotax Harley Davidson # 25, Rotax Hot Wheels #34, Rotax Corona #43, Rotax YAMAHA #46, Rotax Cingular #52, Rotax TECATE # 73, Rotax Puma #93.)

Intro video footage courtesy of

Install: drop the folders into your main rfactor location, or manually move the folders.

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Car Skins

There are currently no car skins available for Rotax RMAX Challenge. If you are a painter you can share skins for this mod via the Car Skins area. Visit the Spray Booth for painting tips & tricks.

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mayne dougrun nikka u know u aint gon do shit
chea on Jul-05-2009

see, now that you specified the problem, we can fix it. Just saying its broken doesn't help. I'll see about fixing the filters.
Dougrun on Apr-09-2009

Originally posted by: F1Lover_

very bad ,like most mods from idt

I'm not a fan of iDT at all for a variety of reasons, however comments like this aren't needed. Once you decide to get up off your lazy a** and try to create something, come on back.

The least you could do is explain why you don't like it...but you're probably too lazy to do that as well. Jacka**.
theStig on Jan-31-2009

very bad ,like most mods from idt
F1Lover_ on Jan-30-2009

No Dougun.

The vehicle filters collide with eachothers so the World Karting Rotax's and the Rotax DD2's gets mixed with eachother.
Firefox on Jan-23-2009

How exactly does it mess with other mods? All of the files are in their own folders. I suspect you manually installed it wrong.
Dougrun on Jan-23-2009

WARNING!!! This messes up SlimJims World Karting Mod!
sk8erwill93 on Jan-23-2009

why was this even released. Total garbage
Rudy on Jan-20-2009

i think its the best kart mod... in enjoyed driving with a crg+ rotax xD but the shifters have to be updated
Tonykart42 on Jan-18-2009

Not sure who that is.. but there is only 1 Slimjim is these

i had a pm on MSN asking why i thought the mod was i don't have it installed.. so i couldn't comment...notice the spelling of the name...slimjimm.. <<< this is not me..
Slimjim on Jan-17-2009

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