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Route 21 Hillclimb 2.10

By: AdrianIzquierdo
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 24-Nov-13
Current release: 2.100, on 30-Nov-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: AdrianIzquierdo
Screenie by: AdrianIzquierdo
Screenie by: cabesi21
Screenie by: cabesi21

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Final Version (2.1) of the Route 21 Hilclimb By AdrianIzquierdo.

- It includes four variants:

SS1 .Asphalt Downhill

SS2 .Asphalt Hilclimb

SS3 .Gravel Hillclimb

SS4 .Gravel Downhill

More dust on dirt tracks !!
- Pit with capacity for 30 cars.
- Length: 2.75 KMs
- New modifications to the exit in some curves of the circuit.

- Better grasp of the tires.

- Arranged some failures with the textures.

IMPORTANTLY: those who have the version 1.0 installed must erase the folder "Route21" inside the folder Locations of your rFactor, before proceeding to install 2.0

NOTE:Se it recommends to play with the graphs to the maximum for a complete visualization of the area.


Versión (2.0) de la Ruta 21 Hilclimb By AdrianIzquierdo.
Aún yo necesito arreglar una cosa mas en estos tramos. En los proximos dias subiré la 2.10 como parte final

2.0 incluye:
- Incluye cuatro variantes :

SS1 .Bajando en Asfalto

SS2 .Subiendo en Asfalto

SS3 .Subiendo en Tierra

SS4 .Bajando en Tierra
- Pit con capacidad para 30 coches.
- Longitud: 2.75 KMs
- Nuevas modificaciones a la salida en algunas curvas del circuito.

- Mejor agarre de los neumáticos.

- Arreglados algunos fallos con las texturas.

IMPORTANTE: Los que tengan la versión 1.0 instalada deben borrar la carpeta "Route21" dentro de la carpeta Locations de tu rFactor, antes de proceder a instalar la 2.0

NOTA:Se recomienda jugar con los gráficos al máximo para una completa visualización del terreno.

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The temporary street track has proven to create carnage in the past, particularly when drivers don't show the patience required for victory, so the guest international drivers at this year's event will have to tread carefully.
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newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

There are currently no car skins available for F1 Historic Lotus 107B. If you are a painter you can share skins for this mod via the Car Skins area. Visit the Spray Booth for painting tips & tricks.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Thanks again, mate - very well done!!!
moppelino on Dec-01-2013

Me alegro de que te guste ! es un placer recibir este tipo de comentarios..
Un saludo !
cabesi21 on Nov-30-2013

Muy buen circuito, me encanta. Ahora sí puedo disfrutar de un circuito con subida y bajada de montaña! ***Gracias Adrian por esta subida.***
gabojosue on Nov-29-2013

Originally posted by: moppelino

That link doesnt work with me. PLEASE put the track on Mediafire! Thank you & regards!

Here is
Route 21 Hillclimb from MEDIAFIRE
cabesi21 on Nov-25-2013

That link doesnt work with me. PLEASE put the track on Mediafire! Thank you & regards!
moppelino on Nov-25-2013

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