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Rudskogen 0.40

By: Jørgen AKA Jorji
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: jorji
Screenie by: jorji

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Rudskogen Motorpark
Go-cart track will be included

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This is going to be superb.
kendo on Dec-18-2008

Do you know when it will be released? And do you got any pictures ?
MathiasB on Nov-23-2008

Great work there jj keep it coming and good to know that your RF is back online keep up the great work m8
mclf1 on Nov-20-2008

Ive been reworking the terrain a couple of times by now, but the release will probably be a little delayed since my rFactor dont work.
jorji on Nov-11-2008

Thanks for the update Sounds great.
MathiasB on Nov-10-2008

Elevation is 98% done
Main track layout is complete
Working on pits + surrounding terrain

Yours sincerly
Jorji aka Jørgen
jorji on Nov-08-2008

Any news?
MathiasB on Nov-06-2008

Fantastic! Can't wait! Just a clip of Rudskogen
MathiasB on Oct-19-2008

F***, my computer broke down and i lost all my files for this one. Replaced my disk and im back working on it. Reports are right now that Im soon finished with elevations
jorji on Oct-13-2008

Check the video, it starts on the back straight, then i think it moves to the bottom of the circuit. Its a 'Run what you brung' kinda thing, but like the title says, its pretty much the one car.

Enjoy, Siggs
Siggs on Oct-09-2008

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