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Rudskogen 2013 0.98

By: Jens Rameback
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 31-Jul-13
Current release: 0.980, on 08-Sep-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Jens Rameback
Screenie by: Jens Rameback

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Rudskogen 2013 for rfactor, created for gatebil events in rfactor and for a project!


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I have no idea how people could possibly like this mod.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Very funny track with its up-down, but I noticed that AI seems to be very slow in some bends, some starting grid position are in the grass and moreover, right after the start and before the first left-handed bend something happens to AI cars. Are some AI tweakings in the pipe? Thanks for you work, guys!
matteo1974 on Nov-19-2013

i have a window pop up when I try to load the race... it says erroe loading mesh or something... what do I do?
DriftMeister on Nov-16-2013


I've tried to send you a PM, but the site says you're not a user!

Anyway, I have a modified AIW if you're interested. I did not change the main track waypoints, but moved the racing line and the corridors to where they should be. I also moved some of the pit in and pit out waypoints, and changed the pit in and pit out paths to allow a smoother transition going in and out of the pits.

PM me, and I'll give you a link for review. Everyone else please wait for Jens to respond before asking for the link. If he gives the okay, I will post it for anyone to use.

BillBro on Sep-22-2013

Hi Jens Rameback , good job for Rudskogen ! I really like it , because Gatebil !

I agree with Nitro & Erwin about the AIW need to works better , I assume you're working on that , since this is just v0.98 ; and also agree with Nitro about the track camera , which some of them are unable to look at the car because it's behind certain walls , and some of them will act weird , which capture the car on the other side (because the road are too close together) , but again I expect you're working on that too (and of course , anyone professional , please point out what to do , this track deserve more works & making it more perfect !) .

And , I have few friend who told me this track is lagging a lot on low-end PC , because of the large amount of background objects ... I lowered (through .SCN file of the track) the draw distance (and possible set Vision Groups to certain objects to limit them spawning in low-medium track details setting) . Another thing is , I realize you didn't add the information (through .GDB file of the track) like the length of this track & you probably forget to edit the Location of this track (it still said Australia) , not a big deal to fix (I fix it for myself already) .

Oh , and the loading screen that Nitro said , it's because the name of your picture wasn't name properly ... I made it same name (Rudskogen2013_loading.jpg) as other files like .SCN or .GDB , and now it (the loading screen) works properly .
RDS on Sep-12-2013

Great track!
Video HD of the track:
warsk8 on Sep-12-2013

Hi SkullLeader21, check this mod:
[RFC]-Fresh! on Sep-09-2013

drift this sumbitch, forget the damn AI!!! Good job Rameback!
D1rge.exe on Sep-08-2013

Hi track is wonderful! But where and what mod is that RX-7? Lmk thanks
SkullLeader21 on Sep-08-2013

I can only second the post from Nitro. Right after the exit of the pitlane the cars go straight through the gravel traps. So work on a working AIW. That means also a good fast line. Something that is overlooked by many trackbuilders.
erwin greven on Sep-08-2013

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