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SAF Test Track 1

By: Chyva - SAF Modding and Chyva Designs
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Aug-09
Current release: 1, on 01-Aug-09

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Screenie by: Chyva
Screenie by: Chyva

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Fantasy track created by my crazy mind, and modeled by Chyva Designs from scratch, just based on a simple drawing of the layout and many many many ideas and recomendations.
Awesome guy, great car and track modeler!! Thanks dude!

The track has almost everything, long straights, fast and slow turns, wide turns, up's and down's, blind turns and more. You will really enjoy on this track 'cause it was meant to be a fun experience.


Circuito de fantasía pensado por mi mente loca y modelado desde 0 por Chyva Designs, basado solamente en un simple dibujo y muchisimas ideas y recomendaciones.
Un muchacho espectacular, y un gran modelador de autos y circuitos. Gracias locura!

El circuito tiene de todo, largas rectas, curvas rápidas y lentas, curvones amplios, curvas ciegas y más. Realmente disfrutarán girando en este circuito porque fue hecho con ese fin.

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Al fin Chiva pude bajarlo, realmente espectacular el circuito. Te mereces estar aca junto a los grandes. Abrazo che!!
drakkodj on Sep-23-2009

Hola flaco, de donde sos?? soy de san martin de los andes y vi que le pusiste san martin a la pista y me parecio buenisimo el proyecto, saludos.
yagobiker on Aug-13-2009

We know the tracks still need a lot of work, but keep in mind that this guy did this track, along with 5 MORE!! in the 14 days DEMO version of Bob's Track Builder. That's an awesome work! In the future, if we're able to purchase BTB for him, be sure that his work is gonna be outstanding anda neat. Thanks for all the tips and keep enjoying it.
vamochivo on Aug-02-2009

i dont want to repeat but,,, brake marks would transform this agree with englishman on the cambers too, edges on a couple of corners are squared, not arched.. and as for that straight past the pitts.. oh boy, that is a nice piece of work small rally type jump then..... WOAH I thought i was safe till i realised there was a ditch next to the track... master stroke
THEDUMMY on Aug-01-2009

As Rogenater said, it needs some 'trackside items' to give the driver some clues.
Also a couple of the camber transitions feel too forced, especially in the banked left to right.
Otherwise a good start.
Love the drop down to T1!!!
Englishman on Aug-01-2009

Hi: This course is ok but needs brake markers and some cones here and there. Good Work for a start.
Rogenater on Aug-01-2009

The track is clockwise. The chicane at the exit was made to slow down cars goin' out of pits, because the main straight is uphill and it's difficult for incoming cars to see what is happening at the top of the hill. That's why we decide it was better at the exit. About the current entrance is not problematic at all, 'cause it's not a braking zone, you come from the little straigh leading to the main straight, and you do that part at full speed, no need to brake at all. That's why we didn't put the chicane there, that would have been problematic. Try it, it's really fun, I draw it in 20 minutes, it came out of my vicious mind, and my friend chyva did the rest (all, hahahaha)
vamochivo on Aug-01-2009

is the track going in the right direction? the chicane in the pit lane is usually place at the entrance, not the exit. the current entrance is even more problematic since it's right in the braking zone for the last corner. Is this an error in the picture only or does the track actually goes this way?
lordweedy on Aug-01-2009

Gracias Chyva/Thanks Chyva
GeraArg on Aug-01-2009

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