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SFDC by ITO 1.10

Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 02-Nov-10
Current release: 1.100, on 02-Nov-10

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Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This is Fantasy Formula Series by ITO.

You can choose from 5 package for the downforce levels.
But If you increases the downforce, You must get the weight handicaps.

1.SuperLight with Front & Rear wings. Car weight 600kg
2.Light 1+ Side wings & F wing Update. +50kg
3.Midium 2+ Barge boards. +50kg
4.Heavy 3+ Dorsal fin & Side Plate. +50kg
5.SuperHeavy 4+ Fairing fin. +50kg

SuperLight Package is very less downforce and 600kg weight.
SuperHeavy Package is very high downforce and 800 kg weight.


User Feedback

//About the Crash rFactor
We used a special text for development but it was a matter.

If you have ver1.0
Remove this file in following folder. rFactor\Gamedata\Vehicles\SFDC\SFDC\tw-idea Racing_FDS
This file have any probrem.
but, Please upgrade if you can.

If you have ver1.xx
Please feedback me.

//About the Abnormal Driver's Cam
Sorry,It is currently under investigation.

//About the AI upgrades
Player can use the All packages.
But, AI have no choice except superlight.

SFDC Ver1.1

//Update About AI Upgrades.
AI package is the same as you choose.

//Update Physics
More Drivability (Weight Balance).

//Update Graphic
FPS improvement.

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292/500 (150 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Realistic Damage
Default setup Race-ability
FPS Performance
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V1.01 http://trippteamdownload.serve.../

V 2013
Slobbeman on Feb-08-2015

Someone can reupload this mod?
SimoRacer93 on Feb-04-2015

Both Download links are dead.
gp96 on Sep-30-2014

I've recently downloaded this and im also getting the head movement and then the view falling into my lap, any ideas of what i can do? Or what values i can edit??
replicaz1427 on Dec-08-2012

I have no idea what is wrong with this mod, but it doesn't load the cars correctly. Sometimes it won't even let me start rFactor, other times it gets all the way in until I try to look at other cars... or when I try to load a track... or do anything.

I did all of the little things I know how to do to get this mod to work, but it simply doesn't work. Very disappointing.
LightbulbSun on Nov-28-2012

Originally posted by: LizardFolk

Excuse me, this is a very interesting and great mod.

But is it possible to have the AIs use different packages? I dont want to be the only one with a package other than superlight

Excuse me, would it be possible for you to have the AIs use different aero packages? It's kinda weird that only the user can use a different one while all the AIs use SuperLight. Can you make it so that all the AIs will use different packages?
LizardFolk on Nov-12-2010

Excuse me, this is a very interesting and great mod.

Thanks for response. Please see my reply below
LizardFolk on Nov-09-2010

I've installed the mod as it says in the readme... But when i try to select a car it crashes... what i should do?
albo22 on Nov-09-2010

I like the idea and the car models, but when I start driving, my driver's head starts to swing back and forth and then eventually ends up lowering into his lap so that I can't see over the bulkhead. This seems to happen within a few hundred feet of driving, so I can't comment beyond that.
swhitcomb1 on Nov-08-2010

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