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SK CTDP06 Soundpack 1

By: Sebastian Keijmel

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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This addon add's lacking backfires internal en external and shifting sounds when using ISI-CTDP2005 sounds. its a mix of carefully selected sounds which are already in the game ctdp06 sounds and isi sounds.

this is how i think it should have sounded, try it and let me hear what you think of it!

copy & paste this moddata folder in your Rfactor Root en click replace all !
nothing will be changed you will just have an extra soundpack option in the misc
tab on your ctdp06 controlcenter named Sebastian Keijmel CTDP 2006 & ISI Sounds


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tgynecomastia where is the donwload link?!?!?
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

hey you are correct it aren't different enginesounds but this fixes the lacking backfire's and shifting sounds ! You especialy can hear a verry good difference when you run a replay, much more alive and real i say! its totaly missed out in the default!

but also internal sounds are different (shifting / backfires)
sk on Jan-13-2009

I can't tell the difference, bit dissapointed with the sounds...
jochenrindt on Jan-08-2009

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