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SONE-E Speedway 0.50

By: Bullet98
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Ovals
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: youngtrilogy
Screenie by: youngtrilogy

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This is the BETA version of a track that is completely from scratch. I just started doing it and this is what I got. Yes, I know it is not even close to many of the tracks, and it really lacks the basics of what a track needs. You will start out in the middle of the track, so no AI's will be able to run. I did this just to see if what people would think about the layout, leangth, and possible potential of the track. Further editing will be going into it if the layout itslef get's good reviews. Please do not rate based on AI running or pits. I made this using Bob's Track Builder and its only the demo version so not much stuff is able to be added. Thanks for looking @ this track and maybe downloading it and trying it out.

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