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SRM F1 1990 Mod 2.00

By: SRM Team and SRM Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 24-Jul-10
Current release: 2.000, on 02-Nov-13

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Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71

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The mod dedicated to the faboulous 1990 F1 world championship season: Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost went head to head for the title. The championship did was decided at Suzuka, following a controversial incident on the very first lap.

18 team included Life and Onyx
16 track with original adverse , trackcam and layout!!
New menu' in carbon style
...and mucth more!!!

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bluey007 on Sep-15-2014

Yep looks like you need to run the 1990 track pack for it not to crash, Paul Picard track Awesome track for sheer speed.
I do have an issue now with pitstop in multiplayer says something like fuel cannot be removed during qualifying or race...
so it never fills the tank of fuel, I'm sure ill find the answer somewhere.
rfactorf101 on Sep-09-2014

Ok I may have resolved issue, I was using the Tobin track, not long after starting the race it would crash.
Using the 1990 track pack it doesn't crash, I did use the 1990 track before but got the same issue, but i think it was a bit into the race.
could be specific tracks having issues, I also setup trace=1000, there were many could not find file errors and unable to update textures for ferrari (I believe was getting this with both tracks) anyway seems like hit and miss, so more testing involved...will update further.
rfactorf101 on Sep-08-2014

I've been playing with rfactor 1990 2.0 srm mod.

The mod crashes to desktop (CTD), with d3d9.dll error as the crash reason. It may have something to do with the amount of AI, I'm still testing.
What I found was if I have 10 AI cars it was stable and would not crash, but if I went beyond this it would CTD straight away or short time later mainly when I start the race.

I have set graphics and sound setting with mixed results. graphics to low in fact, it still crashes.

Any ideas? other mods for rfactor work fine.
rfactorf101 on Sep-07-2014

Every time I go to make a pit stop to change tires it gets rid of all my fuel.... Is there a fix?
NBH1 on Aug-04-2014

@Hamilton44: I was having this same issue, crashing everytime i tried to load certain circuits and / or after so many xx minutes of playing. I turned off shadows entirely including the smooting option and this seems to have solved the issue entirely, (All other graphic options are set to max levels). Hope this works for you if you are still having problems as this is a superb mod and a lot of fun to drive. Best of luck!
Brakenawi on Jun-03-2014

@Hamilton44: possibly you didn't installed the patch
needforspeedgamer on May-30-2014

Every time I play this mod it crashes after 5 minutes ;c
Hamilton44 on May-02-2014

Why can I download everything besides the Mod itself? I downloaded all the files (Car Pack, Track Pack, Patch...) only to see, the link for the Mod itself doesn't work I really would like to test and rate it and I was searching for a 1990 Mod so long..
IcyIceman on Mar-10-2014

Hello people! Love this sim..great work! I have only one problem and it's audio, I'm driving the Leyton House JUDD and it sounds kinda like static. When I'm downshifting I get this fast second of no sound between shifts like its jumping an audio track. I haven't had time to try other cars but changed the audio settings around but no luck..was wondering if anyone else was having a similar problem or if it's the mod's audio. If anyone could suggest a fix I would be in F1 heaven. I guess while I'm on the subject of audio, I think back-fire pops don't ever get justice, even from inside the cockpit with a helmet on the backfire pop is a loud scary thing, (low revs and accsess exaust create one heck of a big bang) I hope one day that will be looked into (Maybe an ADD ON). Thanks gentlmen, and a million thanks to the dev team at SRM!
EagleFeather on Jan-29-2014

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