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SRM F1 1990 Mod 2.00

By: SRM Team and SRM Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 24-Jul-10
Current release: 2.000, on 02-Nov-13

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Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Lilly72
Screenie by: Lilly72

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The mod dedicated to the faboulous 1990 F1 world championship season: Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost went head to head for the title. The championship did was decided at Suzuka, following a controversial incident on the very first lap.

18 team included Life and Onyx
16 track with original adverse , trackcam and layout!!
New menu' in carbon style
...and mucth more!!!

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Why can I download everything besides the Mod itself? I downloaded all the files (Car Pack, Track Pack, Patch...) only to see, the link for the Mod itself doesn't work I really would like to test and rate it and I was searching for a 1990 Mod so long..
IcyIceman on Mar-10-2014

Hello people! Love this sim..great work! I have only one problem and it's audio, I'm driving the Leyton House JUDD and it sounds kinda like static. When I'm downshifting I get this fast second of no sound between shifts like its jumping an audio track. I haven't had time to try other cars but changed the audio settings around but no luck..was wondering if anyone else was having a similar problem or if it's the mod's audio. If anyone could suggest a fix I would be in F1 heaven. I guess while I'm on the subject of audio, I think back-fire pops don't ever get justice, even from inside the cockpit with a helmet on the backfire pop is a loud scary thing, (low revs and accsess exaust create one heck of a big bang) I hope one day that will be looked into (Maybe an ADD ON). Thanks gentlmen, and a million thanks to the dev team at SRM!
EagleFeather on Jan-29-2014

by the way! would love to see the coloni in subaru skins and subaru engine

nice mod guys! ;-)

ciao Fredo
fredo elfredo on Dec-08-2013

nice update! is there a league to join...? stay tuned!
fredo elfredo on Dec-08-2013

best mod i've used in quiet some time. Download this because you will love it
aido on Dec-07-2013

Wonderful Mod! Nice Carmodels and no Lags 10/10
kevinwinter9440 on Nov-27-2013

Im having some problems downloading it. It sais to insert disc number 2 what should I do?
jonathan31799 on Nov-18-2013

Great mod once again! I'm so happy to have the opportunity to have fun with this :-))
Just missing a detail: The Tyrrell used by Alesi and Nakajima in the USGP of Phoenix, they used the 1989 chassis with the 1990 livery.
nericksenna on Nov-16-2013

Excellent mod just need wet tires please.
scar on Nov-11-2013

its a exellent mod.
there is only one thing i think you can do to make it perfect.
wet tires and the tracks where it was raining like hockenheim or montreal with wet tracks then i think the mod is perfect
sorry for the bad englisch
robinrietz123 on Nov-11-2013

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