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SRM F1 1990 Mod 2.00

By: SRM Team and SRM Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 24-Jul-10
Current release: 2.000, on 02-Nov-13

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Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71
Screenie by: Andy71

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The mod dedicated to the faboulous 1990 F1 world championship season: Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost went head to head for the title. The championship did was decided at Suzuka, following a controversial incident on the very first lap.

18 team included Life and Onyx
16 track with original adverse , trackcam and layout!!
New menu' in carbon style
...and mucth more!!!

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watch the video and thanks for your attention.
leonardodesimone37 on Jan-27-2015

We are using this SRM 2.0 track pack for our 1994 MF1 Championship. Come join us!
xerocoul on Jan-03-2015

holaa falta el RFM??
25682 on Jan-01-2015

Hi, when I start a race weekend or a season each of the other car driving around the track by the computer is the same as the one I choose under "select vehicle". For example, if I selected Prosts Ferrari, each other car on the track is also Prosts Ferrari. Any suggestions why this may be the case, please?
kevinkuklinsky on Dec-03-2014


I can not get Adelaide from the track pack to work. Whenever i try to load it i get a runtime error. Any suggestions?

English1977 on Dec-01-2014

Where can I find the helmets from the rest of the teams? Normally there is in the "misc" folder from the teams but I don't see any helmet textures from Larrousse, AGS and all the other teams.
needforspeedgamer on Oct-20-2014

Hey Guys, has anyone figured out why the fuel is drained from the car when in the pits?
malachi666 on Oct-03-2014

bluey007 on Sep-15-2014

Yep looks like you need to run the 1990 track pack for it not to crash, Paul Picard track Awesome track for sheer speed.
I do have an issue now with pitstop in multiplayer says something like fuel cannot be removed during qualifying or race...
so it never fills the tank of fuel, I'm sure ill find the answer somewhere.
rfactorf101 on Sep-09-2014

Ok I may have resolved issue, I was using the Tobin track, not long after starting the race it would crash.
Using the 1990 track pack it doesn't crash, I did use the 1990 track before but got the same issue, but i think it was a bit into the race.
could be specific tracks having issues, I also setup trace=1000, there were many could not find file errors and unable to update textures for ferrari (I believe was getting this with both tracks) anyway seems like hit and miss, so more testing involved...will update further.
rfactorf101 on Sep-08-2014

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