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Safety Factor 0.60

By: Mike Hanson

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Safety Factor is a combination of a plugin and a web site.

The plugin monitors the telemetry of a drivers car and detects and remembers "Incidents". When the session is over the incidents are all posted to the web site via a web service (it waits until you end the session to avoid impacting performance while driving). The web site calculates a Safety Rating based on the logged incidents and allows drivers and league administrators to monitor the ratings. The idea is that league administrators can require a minimum safety rating to enter events. The web site will be completetly open and noone will be able to hide anything from any other registered member.

The incidents logged are:

Out of Bounds = 2 or more wheels on a surface other than the track or rumble strips

Impact = contact with any other vehicle or obstacle (all contact is logged, but only contact above a yet to be determined magnitude will affect the Safety Rating)

Lockup = either pair of wheels (front or back) or all wheels locked while in motion and still on the track or rumble strips

Loss of control = more than a yet to be determined amount of sideways motion or vehicle rotation i.e. a spin or unsafe amount of slide.

I am almost finished with the plugin, just working on the last incident type and about 60% done on the web site so should be releasing this within the next week or so.

I am interested in your thoughts and feedback

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Sorry guys, I haven't done anything on this for a long time. I rarely use rFactor now doing all my driving and racing at
MikeHanson on Aug-18-2010

This is amazing. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Suggestions are that you could make people able to edit the settings that trigger the plug-in. This would make for great customization to racing styles because low magnitudes for crashes in high speed races should be logged, but not low magnitude in low speed races. Anyhow, looking forward to a first release and best of luck to you sir!
NOS_Waster on Jan-21-2010

Is this still being worked on? I'd like to use this even if it just export everything into a file.
house382 on Jan-21-2010

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