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Salem Speedway 1.10

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 09-Jan-11
Current release: 1.100, on 09-Jan-11

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Salem Speedway is a high banked short track that ARCA tours to. Salem Speedway also has its own weekly short track series that race at the track. A newly paved oval and figure 8 has been added in the infield.

Version 1.1 is released.

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The textures seriously need to be fixed. I raced with an indy car mod, and with other touring mods, and even the high graphics made the textures of the track look extremely bumpy and as a result, a ton of car crashes. For positives, I love the high banking, as it makes for exciting racing. But the main negative is the bad textures. If you make a 1.2 release, please fix the bumpy textures.
devildante on Oct-12-2013

None of the links are working for me, to download.
jwky8918 on Dec-30-2012

Can you please e-mail me this track. I'm looking to start a figure eight league.. and I'd like to check out your infiend figure eight with this. Thanks. My e-mail is
jwky8918 on Dec-30-2012

Link has been updated. Sorry everyone. Everything appears to be working again.
rfnowner on Jan-15-2011 - this link is dead!
SuperFreak on Jan-15-2011

the new link is not working
dirtfan on Jan-15-2011

Just got done uploading, New link has been posted.

enjoy everyone.
rfnowner on Jan-13-2011

Thank you for the info. I tried to make it as realistic as I could, but I have not been building tracks for very long and am still learning. I havent hadd the issue yet with it locking up. I am currently uploading version 1.1

The fixs in 1.1 will be the gaurdrails on the inside of the track, concrete barriers around the small oval, and I altered the driving line and timing gates on all 3 to mak the ai, pace car and pits to act more properly.
rfnowner on Jan-13-2011

Nice representation of Salem and looks like fun to race on but my computer locked up when I exited the track--anyone else have this problem? ken
kslater on Jan-13-2011

no problem. I am currently working on a fix for the gaurdrails and I will be putting in a wall around the small oval in the infield.
rfnowner on Jan-12-2011

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