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Sanair Trioval 0.20

By: Gilles Benoit
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Gilles Thewall
Screenie by: Gilles Thewall
Screenie by: Gilles Thewall
Screenie by: Gilles Thewall
Screenie by: Gilles Thewall
Screenie by: Gilles Thewall

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Banked 1.33 km trioval

All racing surfaces polygons are done, 3D armcos and 3D fences are done. Texturing and objects are started. - february 20 2009

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A much maligned track in the US, because of Rick Mears' injury. Too bad. The only tracks like it are Richmond and Iowa, which are racy as anyone would want. I've seen the second best race ever at Sanair. It was an ACT Tour 300 lapper. Jean Paul Cabana, the local legend, won it. It was passing back and forth all Race.

Salut Gilles
canon1753 on Jan-16-2010

Back in the 70's a mate and I used to sneak into the pits via the fields at Sanair and help out anyone who would put up with us. Good people, good times. Got me involved in a passion that still exists to this day. Just last night I was thinking about tracks I might bring to rFactor that hadn't been done yet, I see tonight that you beat me to this one, and saved me some work in the process ;-)

Looking forward to your release.
jgmonty on Jan-06-2010

Salut Gilles,

hey je suis un signaleur de l'ASRQ, et je me demandais si ça te tenterais pas de modeliser la track de SRA karting, il me semble que cela pour être un fichu bon projet, car celle-ci fut l'hôte de plusieurs championnats canadiens et 1 fois du monde.

Je n'ai aucune expérience en modelisation alors je ne peux pas la modèliser
jpierre_m on Aug-20-2009


I should be able to release it this autumn.

Cheers !
Gilles Thewall on Apr-13-2009

Ou en es-tu rendu Gilles, et quand crois-tu mettre cette piste en ligne ?

zip on Mar-09-2009

Est ce que tu travaille toujours sur la piste de SANAIR?? Moi jhabite a 15-20min de Sanair jaimerais tellement sa pouvoir courser la en Rfactor.
stockcar_7291 on Feb-28-2009

I can't wait for this, if its still going on =S
Little E Fan92 on Dec-24-2008

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