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Sandown Raceway 2012 1

By: Learie11
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 30-Mar-13
Current release: 1, on 30-Mar-13

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Screenie by: Learie11
Screenie by: Learie11

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Sandown Raceway 2012 by Learie11 V1.0
I present my rendition of Sandown Raceway based on the way it was presented for the V8 Supercar Championship round in 2012. The track has been scratch built using a combination of google earth images, personal experience, photos and onboard videos.

The track feels right to drive and includes the elevations and bumps it appears to have in real life. I have released this track as I have run out of motivation to complete it to the maximum of my ability.

All of the important elements are completed well enough to provide a fully functioning circuit. This is my first attempt at a real life circuit and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Some of the buildings and objects were created with my minimal experience with 3DS MAX, sorry for the average quality :)

The track is optimised to work best with V8 Factor Unleashed 2011 but will work with any mod of course. I have done my best on the AI, they are very competitive but sometimes give in to the age old rFactor curse and roll over if they hit a kurb. If anyone knows how to make them ride kurbs properly please let me know.

Known Bugs:
Rolling Starts not functioning properly
AI cars occasionally roll over kurbs
Has only been tested on DX9 with max graphics

BobsTrackBuilder (Wish you would return to finish this great program :( )
Mr Men Mod Team (Pit Building and Grandstand)
XPacks: ennis extras, ennis objects, Great Britain, Rural Australia

Happy racing,

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Which leagues race this mod? Use League-O-Matic
newstart027 on Oct-18-2016

Is this version of the track coming to Rfactor2?
craigbowie1 on Jan-16-2016

I installed this Sandown track mod and now each time I start rf1 the screen flickers big time.
Ive downloaded other mods without any problems.
It seems to load up ok and everything seems to work fine, except the screen flickering!
I've shut down and re started the computer but its still there, unplayable....any advice is much appreciated.
melandrick on Jun-06-2015

My favourite of the Sandown releases. Great job mate.
mrpanorama on May-14-2013

A working version of Sandown that has a start/finish line on the road! Yeah! Great Track, thank you for sharing this track Learie11!
dtcmcllctr on Apr-07-2013

Great Track...thanks so much!
craigbowie1 on Apr-03-2013

Enjoying it so much... had to do a vid...... on Apr-01-2013

Nice work Learie11.

I'm wondering if you could email me radar2575 @ hotmail .com
I have a few questions to ask, some advice if you require any and maybe an oportunity
Radar2575 on Apr-01-2013

[MAD]Hammer on Apr-01-2013

Awesome Job.... on Apr-01-2013

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