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Sao Paulo Street Circuit Indy 300 1.30

By: Tommy78 and Kopi
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 14-Feb-10
Current release: 1.300, on 19-Nov-12

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Screenie by: gadfly13
Screenie by: gadfly13
Screenie by: gadfly13
Screenie by: gadfly13
Screenie by: gadfly13
Screenie by: gadfly13
Screenie by: vini91
Screenie by: vini91
Screenie by: vini91
Screenie by: vini91

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This is the "Sao Paulo Street Circuit" in Sao Paulo, Brasil

The track length is 4.160 km with 11 corners.
The long straight is about 1.5 km the speed will be about 300-310 km/h.

This is my first track that i built with 3DS Max, i tried to learn the Max after christmas, so a learned nearly three weeks before i built this track. I think my next track that i build with Max, it will be better than this.


If You start the race with rolling start, You need switch off the Pace Car, because if you've got, the PC is go to the pitlane and you get the "green" before you arrive to the finish lane because of the different track layout (not same place the pit and the finish lane) than the normally.

Have a good race!!



Sao Paulo Street Circuit v1.01 Update

- Re-Calibrate the AIW
- fix it the pit stalls texture
- modified terrain data (little bit bumper)
- wider groove



Streets of Sao Paulo v1.2

- New v1.2 Version
- New and modified Turn1 and Turn2
- Add new Tyrewalls in the corners
- Add new kerbs in the corners
- Some walls change to the guard rail
- Modifies walls in the corners
- New pit tents
- New bridges
- Optimalized the fuel usage for the IndyCar Series 2009 v1.4
- New AIW file
- New Cameras, modified place to the real place



Streets of Sao Paulo v1.3

Long time ago i don't tuch anything on this track. But the last two days i updated few things.

- Remapping the track textures
- Remapping the rumble strips
- Few texture update, on the track and the trees
- Updated few Grandstand
- Updated with RFE weather plugin
- Updated camera files
- Reflections in wet conditions

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Originally posted by: jckronbauer

GameFront link don't works in Brazil...

Updated the download link with a Mediafire link.
Tommy78 on Nov-20-2012

GameFront link don't works in Brazil...
jckronbauer on Nov-19-2012

Hello. My nickname is wizard2275 I want to ask for permission, to convert all your tracks, to F1C old game. I will understand, if don't want to give me permission. Thanks you very much in advance. Regards.
wizard2275 on Nov-19-2012

Corvonix, as long as the Multiplayer "ONLINE" works good that is the main thing. >the laps get recorded correct, cutting track gets you a penalty, etc.<
So many tracks are no good offline against the AI....
easydoesit on Nov-27-2010

I've found a problem when you start a race in rolling start formation, the cars gets in sigle line and does not make the first turn, result: epic mess
Corvonix on Nov-15-2010

Great version of this great new street circuit, love the long long straights though the 90 degree corners are a little slow and fiddly the sheer speeds you can get on the straights make up for it! Raced the F1 1985 around here, got a top speed nudging 210mph in a Renault at the end of the straight. Great stuff.
philipbain on Apr-03-2010

finally i've found the problem: i did put the track detail level in 'high' and the track loaded with no problem
it will kill my fps but it's not a problem with the track u.u
fantastic work, the track is awesome
ConejoF1 on Mar-31-2010

well I'm still having problems loading the track, first it says "Error loading texture CONC2 for material ROADE" and then "Error loading global material ROADE"... any ideas? :S
ConejoF1 on Mar-25-2010

Originally posted by: 5585455

Thanks for your help, i saw your site, and how to create the good trees! Thanks again, and i waiting for your another good "tricks" on your web site.
Tommy78 on Mar-25-2010

hey tommy, visit my blog and you may can learn some things for your future tracks, good luck
5585455 on Mar-25-2010

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