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Savannah Harbour 0.10

By: Chris Hannigan
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Re-creation of the highly praised Savannah street circuit on Hutchinson Island. The street was built to be a racetrack and only used once in 1997. It remains to this day on the island, overgrown with brush and grass, waiting for some investors to bring it back to life.

Update 1/13/09: Track rebuild in progress. I'm aquiring new data from the track to ensure the best layout possible. This will take some time but i would like to have at least a workable version in time for the upcoming Atlantics race in April. If anyone is interested in helping me in development, send me an email at

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i realy hope he will finish this because nobody else is doing this . You are our last chance to ride this wonderful track !
Neuxramus on May-31-2009

Still looking forward to this one immensely. Can't wait. And yeah, it's a great track to drive. Looking forward to a pro-league open wheel event in '10.
jayinatlanta on Mar-22-2009

Not dead in the ground yet, but it was on life support for a while. I have been out to the track many times in the past few months getting info for this. I am going to have to rebuild the entire track but I tell ya, this place is a blast to drive. It's wicked fast!
djtripp20 on Jan-13-2009

any updates on this track yet or is it dead in the ground
JPetschauer on Dec-13-2008

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