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Schwabenland GP 0.80

By: Markus Möller
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm
Screenie by: markusm

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New beta, incl. reversed version:

This is my first track, initially started as a GPL track, but never finished as i lost interest in this sim. now converted to rFactor and reworked. Modelling/Mapping is beeing made with 3DSimEd and Max.
Some Objects are taken from original ISI tracks.

Known Bugs: AI is provisional. DO NOT skip the formation lap, as teleport is not set in the AIW. Best to do standing starts. The AI line is not the best.

2 DO:
Modelling/Texturing/Mapping, more objects to add.
Complete new AI.
Wet versions.
Working lights for night races.
30+ grid.

Have fun, Markus ;-)

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Latest Schwabenland GP Comments

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This link to the beta doesn't work anymore.. Can anyone upload PLEASE!!!!??? I want it so bad. Thanks!!
Luckzzzy on Mar-05-2014

Awesome track, really! Great flow, the layout is outstanding!
PS: Who else found CARTMAN?
Ulz on Aug-23-2010

where can I find Opel Ascona 400 b which is screen? Thank
Jeffo696 on Aug-01-2010

Really nice track! Thanks for the 'beta' (which is already better than many a 'final'..). Great track for lower-powered cars, from Mini to the fabbo vintage Formula Vee cars..!
Raido1 on Feb-24-2010

hi DerEvilBert,
it's a screenie from the additional rallycross layout, that will be inculded to the final version. a ride through the swabian woods :-) and thanx for your kind words.
development is undergoing a break atm, as i'm working on a R/L track.

markus ;-)
markusm on Mar-21-2009

what's the first screenshot??? hidden track????
DerEvilBert on Mar-21-2009

schwabenland gp is one of my favorite tracks!! it dosen't look like a beta for me! it's much better than some other final versions, an until now i have only played the "old" beta!!! great work man!!!!!
DerEvilBert on Mar-19-2009

Yes,markusm,that's what i meant,a warm and soft light fitted on the specific poles from the seventies,in those days there where still much wooden pole constructions.....
Maurits on Mar-06-2009

always nice to get such motivating feedback

@Maurits: good question about objects and performance. i'm optimizing the complete structure atm, which will gather some frames. in the final version, track detail settings will affect how many objects will be visible. and i rather abondon a feature, that might effect performance.
what do yo mean by 70s lightning ? a warm and soft lighting, instead of cold blueish neonlights ? never thought about this. interesting idea!

markus ;-)
markusm on Mar-03-2009

very impressif,to me this is a diamond beta.........
some questions though : is adding more objects to the track not going to be a frameratekiller ? Are you going to use specific 70' s lightning? That would be great to keep the historic atmosphere ! ? I tried the track, and it drove real smooth with historic gt's mini-cooper,did remind me too my younger years....
Every detail is just.....right, can't wait to see the wet version....
This Surely deserves a HOF nomination
Maurits on Mar-03-2009

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