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Scotia Speedworld 1.50

By: gator and keeper
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 07-Sep-07
Current release: 1.500, on 22-Jan-09

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Screenie by: g8r
Screenie by: g8r
Screenie by: g8r
Screenie by: g8r
Screenie by: NAWg8r
Screenie by: NAWg8r

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Update: Version 1.5 released
-added different grip levels around track
-loads a suitable track specific tire for certain stock car mods
-compatible with previous versions

Update: Version 1.4 update fixes some issues:
(version 1.3 required)
-updated tdf files for the dirt events
-reduced caution laps to four
-now able to drive through pitlightout since many seem to run into it:)
-for those running into FPS issues run the Atlantic 250 with medium track detail during the day

We have been running a weekly series using this track and by all accounts its very fun and working well.

Version 1.3
Fun little oval. It comes with four dirt events and two paved. The Canadian Tire 100 is the only day event.


This will install Scotia Speedworld version 1.3. Hopefully all issues have been addressed. Please visit if there are any questions or comments.

This is the first track I ever made and sat on the shelf for over a year until Ron ODell from picked it up and made a lot of improvements. Who knows if I would have ever finished it without Rons help.

Also many thanks to the guys at and for their feedback and support.

Pictures of the track, supplied by Jason Inch helped tremendously. Check them out on the website. Grandstand model from racesimcentral. Thanks to Panoz4pres for the pace car.

If I missed anyone contact me and I will rectify it.
Delete any previous versions you may have before installing.

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can this be converted to nascar racing 2003
bweagle on May-20-2010

This track is 15 minutes from my house and I think it's awesome that I can actually race here!!!!!! THANKS G8R!!!!!!!
Buzzy on Oct-09-2009

my favourite short track is this one
General_RIMT on Jul-17-2009

If you like this track, join us Friday night with the NSS Trucks! Visit us at
g8r on Jan-24-2009

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