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Sears Point 1990 1

By: Bud Lucas
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 04-Oct-06
Current release: 1, on 04-Oct-06

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Screenie by: timex
Screenie by: timex

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I have completed a conversion of both circuits at Sears Point, the Long and the Short versions.

This conversion is just a 'Tide Me Over' until a proper scratch built track can be made, my meager talents restrict me to conversions only.

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here is a working link
Slobbeman on Nov-10-2012

anyone have a link to this track?
monzakarter on Nov-10-2012

I'm sorry but the link is down, can you upload again?
straghtoo on Feb-22-2012

The track loads but I cannot ever use a car just for 'Testing'. When I skip to the 'Race' FPS is very slow and choppy.

Is there a patch for this?
SPEKTRE76 on Aug-20-2011

I'm having problems loading this track too. It's not me, I've tried putting in ALL of the folders.
Android71 on Aug-02-2011

Good day to you all,

I would also like to have an updated version of this great American road racing course....

MikeVictor on Jan-30-2011

Any rFactor track editors? I plan to make a proper indy version and release it with Bud Lucas' permission.
abilly racin on Sep-25-2010

Ari_Leos - No, I don't. I referring to another 1990 track... Glen L. has said OK
NOxymoron on Sep-20-2010

@ NOxymoron you have a new version of this track????
Ari_Leos on Sep-20-2010

whats up is there any up date yes or not???
Ari_Leos on Sep-03-2010

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