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Seat Leon 1M TDI 150 TopSport 0.80

By: rpmpower and nunocoelho
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 21-Sep-11
Current release: 0.800, on 21-Sep-11

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Screenie by: rpmpower
Screenie by: rpmpower

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Seat Leon 1M TDI 150 TopSport Beta V0.80
this mod is not finished yet, v1 will come soon

any problems please reply this is my first mod for rfactor so dont expect mutch, have fun

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Rip download links
Manu583 on Feb-27-2018

The car hasn't got sound in my game
yamaha96 on Jul-01-2013

link updated, have fun
rpmpower on Nov-14-2012

EHEEHHEE vo├žes e os petroleiros ..... make hondas and VTEC kick noise.......peace
kfilipe on Jul-27-2012

Please could you make a version where the steering wheel moves
ro55kills on Jul-01-2012

Originally posted by: fabiovtec

more diesel cars please... you are portuguese?

make seat ibiza xD

i have a seat ibiza 6L for this game but unfinished
rpmpower on Jun-17-2012

ooh so sad... thanks anyway
scalmanato on Apr-23-2012

Hi, scalmanato. The video you've mentioned is from guys, who want money for their mods.
sigulka on Apr-23-2012

hi, i see this video on youtube about a ibiza mod but unluckily o can't find this mod anymore on the internet... so can anyone help me?
ps: sorry for the bad english...
scalmanato on Apr-22-2012

nandorock80 on Feb-10-2012

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