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Sekia Hills DEC 0.20

By: mianiak and Dampire
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 13-May-09
Current release: 0.200, on 02-Sep-09

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Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak
Screenie by: mianiak

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This track has been built mainly for the purpose of drifting. It can be used for racing but there are no barriers stopping people taking short cuts.
Although this is stated as a BETA release, It is the actual final release. It is working 100% and has been in use for quite a while without any problems. I just haven't had the time to change the rar name and the loading jpg.

Special thanks to Maug for loading screens and influence.

If you like drifting join eDrifting/net:

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437/500 (180 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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This is my favorite drift track, when i need to test FFB, cars, engine or any setup i go on it Thx miniak
Rckkk on Aug-07-2010

Sorry about that, I didn't realize the link was gone
mianiak on Apr-14-2010

Wondering when this will be up for download again.
DiscoQuinn on Apr-05-2010

i have never said anything degrading here. even in this thread when they know what my intention was.
if you guys dont want your work to be critiqued then post it in a place without user ratings.
busaman195 on Jan-14-2010

Busaman you need to get a life. Looking at all 17 of your post here at rfc they are all degrading hate post. Grow up or get out man.
GRAVEMAN on Jan-13-2010

Number of tracks created by busaman=0 Number of fails=infinite. It's tools like you that make modding soooo worth it. Go find a deep, dark hole and pull it over your head and don't come back out until you learn some manners.
PvtStash on Jan-13-2010

pfft. For how long those modders who make those preofessionnal looking tracks have been modding(and give us examples, how many people have worked on each of those tracks, and please don't talk about convertions but scratch made tracks). Mianiak has started modding from scratch this year and this is his first track. I'd like to know for a first track how many track makers can do such a good work. Sure it's perfectible, but saying it deserves two is just being an arrogant twat. The track is pretty well reproduced on the layout, the atmosphere is there. The textures are more than ok. What bother you so much.
No wonder why with such a miserable and arrogant public many modders turn their back and stop modding.
Give the man some *****ing credit and give it at least 3 for the effort, or keep your two and put it deep in your arse.

/rant over

ps: Look at his third track Nikko, see how fast he progesses. And if you think Nikko doesn't deserve 5 stars for his amazing work on it, then ***** off.
Maug on Jan-13-2010

there are way to many very detailed professional looking tracks to give it anything higher than a two.
busaman195 on Jan-12-2010

Why, explain or STFU.
Maug on Jan-11-2010

if it was 2005 this track would get a 4, in 2010 it gets a 2.
busaman195 on Jan-11-2010

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