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Semi permanente San Lorenzo 2

By: catrasca
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 19-Oct-09
Current release: 2, on 19-Oct-09

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Screenie by: Bleddyn
Screenie by: Bleddyn
Screenie by: catrasca
Screenie by: catrasca
Screenie by: Bleddyn
Screenie by: Bleddyn

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Semipermanente de San Lorenzo ( 1989)

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me pueden ayudar porqu lo instalo y me tira error . que puede ser??
koko748 on Aug-02-2013

Again (after more than a year, lol) That's a surprisingly good track, very much like Sebring, but without the crappy GPL planes on those track conversions :-D Really good work, catrasca.
MahatmaGhandi on Mar-15-2011

Great Track! Many thanks!
MahatmaGhandi on May-01-2010

¡Gracias, muy diversión! Espero que los Lobos de sean terminados pronto. (traducción en línea, no digo ningún español)
Bleddyn on Jan-19-2010

Coool track!! Muchas gracias!

For the mas errors : create another folder called SLorenzo in the Locations folder and extract the track files into that.
MerlinHellfire on Oct-24-2009

Muy bueno !! como lei antes ,me trae muchos recuerdos, de pibe con mi viejo no nos perdiamos una, me trae muchos recuerdos,bajando! Gracias

Great ! As I read before I brought many memories of my old kid we lost a brings me many memories, downloading! Thanks
flacomila on Oct-24-2009

sin palabras
mortal exelente haceme lobos que para eso estas master
pablocorsico on Oct-23-2009

Muy buen trabajo Catrasca. En cujanto al problema solo hay que instalar los dos archivos que quedan sueltos al momento de aplicar el exe en el directorio de la maravillosa pista San Lorenzo.

Felicitaciones y bienvenidas las siguientes pistas!!!
Daavicho61 on Oct-22-2009

under some circumstances there is an MAP error or a "texture_name" error because I work with sketchups models and it use TGA texture names that match with some mods textures names.

You should unolad mods with "Mod Manager".
Anyway, chek first of all if you hace the last Direct X installed.
catrasca on Oct-22-2009

in one install(v 1250) says cant load bkamaterial,in my other install(rfactor lite)works great ,takes me back to the old days of turismo carretera.thank you and keep up your great work .
rupert speed on Oct-21-2009

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