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Semi-Permanente de Olavarria 1

By: Sir Leo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 11-Nov-10
Current release: 1, on 12-Feb-11

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Spa - Aca les traigo un circuito que es un verdadero clasico del TC de los 70s, 80s y principio de los 90s.

Tierra de los Emiliozzi, de Romero, grandes pilotos del TC! La capital del cemento siempre ha sido un escenario unico para las carreras.

Aca les traigo la version del circuito de 18.9 kms con 7 chicanas, de las cuales 2 habian en la autopista Fortabat, 1 en la ruta 51, 2 mas en la ruta 226 y las ultimas 2 en la avenida circunvalacion. Ademas... se larga de a 3 autos por grilla debido al ancho de la autopista!

Espero que les guste y lo disfruten, toda una joyita!

Pd - Agradesco a Martin que me dio muchas fotos y eso ayudo en mucho a lograr este gran trabajo!

Eng - Here I bring a circuit that is a true classic of the TC of 70s, 80s and early 90s.

Emiliozzi and Romero Land, great drivers of TC! The cement capital has always been a unique setting for racing.

This version of the circuit of 18.9 km with 7 chicanes, of which 2 had in Fortabat Highway 1, Route 51, 2 more on route 226 and the last 2 in circunvalacion Avenue. Starterr than 3 cars per grid due to the width of the highway!

Hope you like and enjoy, all a gem!

Ps - I want to thank Martin gave me lots of pictures and that helped greatly to achieve this great work!

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Sir Leo, bajé todos los semipermanentes que hiciste y a todos les falta el archivo .MAS,solo tienen el Sky y por eso no puedo abrirlos.
alguidu on Mar-23-2011

Esta bueno pero fijate que los coches de la IA van por el medio de la pista, ademas habria que tratar de pulirlo un poco...Espero no te ofendas con el comentario.
sp221 on Feb-19-2011

Sir Leo, lord knows I appreciate these country circuits, but you really need to polish up the ones you already have out there, rather than keeping pushing new ones out the door while flaws continue to exist in your other releases. For example, just about every track of yours has the AI running right down the middle, which makes overtaking more difficult than it already is for the poor AI. And I can't see why this tops out at over 192 megs, which suggests that the way you put the data files together is inefficient. Hope you can read this (as English isn't your native language I believe) and work on making these even better.
John DiFool on Feb-14-2011

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